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Extremely rare short generic first name, one of the best! CHRIS (dot) net, 5 letters!

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May 15, 2005
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Well, names like this don't come along everyday. One of the most memorable and top first names in the world, countless famous people and semi-famous people named Chris :smilewinkgrin:

Ultra rare first name, 5 short letters, top investment grade blue-chip name. The .com owner has turned down seven figures for his, I am offering this for a very fair BIN that is substantially under the market value :eek:k:

Chris (dot) net

One time chance to own it! :eek:k:

Deal by escrow or direct wire if I know you, etc. Or if you have the money sitting in paypal masspay/friendpay works too. There will be a signed contract for this deal, all legit.

Thank you! Do not miss this very rare short valuable name!

35k BIN

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