Very short rare AAA premium letter combo best of the best generic F-N(dot)com

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May 15, 2005
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F-N(dot) com


There are only 676 of these that exist and far less excellent combo ones like this, truly best of the best letters with so many acronyms. As short as they come before you start spending six to seven figures just to take the dash out. These are soaring in value in the coming years and are a sure investment, all letters only, only 3 short keystrokes away from your site. Big flip potential here also as I am offering this at a reseller deal, companies have paid six figures for these just make some phone calls and send some emails I'm sure you can get much much more for it. Selling for quick cash, considering close offers but you are better off posting sold before someone else does first because there are not many like it to go around..PM me or post in thread, deal by paypal friendpay or masspay or escrow split fees. Serious buyers only please and also this is a top premium combo so while I am sure you can buy one for a little less the crappy letter ones are not investment grade. You get what you pay for and make the due profit according to the quality of the name purchased/resold, simple math.

In a few years these will be trading for many times this price, mark my words. :cool:

BIN set at just 8k :eek:

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