Help sell my Domains + Earn up to 40% Commission…..

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Feb 13, 2018
Help sell my Domains + Earn up to 40% Commission…..

Here’s the deal – I have a couple of hundred Crypto / Finance / Eco / “Individual” Domains to sell and I need some help. They vary from being worth a couple of hundred bucks to a five figure sum. I acquired the Domains in taking over a business and I need people who know this market and who know people in this market to help me get them sold…..

I’ve divided the domains into three levels – (A) those worth less than $999, (B) those from $1000 - $10,000 and (C) those that are $10,000+

If you can help me sell those in Category:
  • A - I will pay you 25% so long as the sale price is over $100.
  • B - I will pay you 25% of anything over $100 up to $999 and then 30% of anything from $1000 up to $10,000.
  • C - I will pay you a straight 40% of any sales over $10,001.
If you are interested in using your knowledge and expertise to help me and to earn yourself some serious commission please email me back at and tell me about yourself and why and how you can help me. I will then send you the list of Domains.

This is a serious offer and all transactions will be conducted via PayPal or Escrow. You will not be acting as my agent in any way whatsoever and all agreements made with third parties are subject to my approval ie you cannot firmly offer any particular domain to any particular third party without my agreement.

I am really looking forward to paying out some big bucks in commission.

Many thanks

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