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Here is a odd email i recieved thought id pass it on note:don't do it

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Apr 26, 2002
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My name is Bolarinwa Ige.I am the first son of the Late Chief Bola Ige,the
former Attorney General of Nigeria.
In truth,I do not know you,and I have never seen you before,I got your email
address through a personal search.Nevertheless I believe you can be of
It all started while my late father was the Minister for Power and Steel.He
uncovered various bogus contracts which were awarded by the previous military
regime.The value of these contracts totalled an astonishing $24 Million.
Using his position he was able to transfer the payment of this money into his
company,in which I am the Chairman.His unfortunate assasination,I believe,is not
unconnected with this money.
This is the reason I approach your company,with the hope of investing part of
this money in your business.I am prepared to invest 50% in your business,with 5%
of the total funds allocated to any miscellaneous expenses we may encounter
while we are transfering the money out of the country.Furthermore,I am prepared
to give you 15% outright for your assistance.A lawyer friend of mine has been
able to work out a modality for us to transfer the money safely out.He is
responsible for the execution of this transaction.Arrangements have already been
made for the money to be lodged with a securities firm in Europe.I would need
you to go to this firm to collect the money.
The last couple of weeks have been frightening for me.These people are extremely
powerful men,and I fear my phone has been tapped,and my movement is being
watched.That is why I can only contact you via email.Please send your phone
number,as well as your fax number and my lawyer will get in touch with you.
Thank you in anticipation of your assistance.
Sincerely Yours
Dr. Bolarinwa Iga
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Originally posted by biznames
I got this email about 6 months to a year ago.

are you Nigerian RICH now? Been 6 mths.. Did you get your monies? j/k.. haveN fun! :laugh:


The Nigerians have been pulling scams in Australia for about 10 years now.

Some things just never change.

Originally posted by MattyP

Some things just never change.

MattyP, per the cyber-bully act of 2002 - see eBay thread - I will have to ask you to refrain from using words that infringe upon the famous service mark 'timechange'. I will have to ask you to surrender your DNA and write your will in my name :D


Please accept my humble appologies. I would never steal another bullies trademark ( at least while he was looking .

The will may be a problem. It would cost more to draw up than the property I own is worth.

:D :D :D


Maybe we should call our Nigerian friend

Nah, friends like him I don't need. lol

I read your Ebay posts and couldn't find the quote I offended.

What about ' It's Time for a Change '
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