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Hurricane & Storm Domains Article


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Oct 18, 2007
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This article was on the front page of New Jersey's "Star Ledger" news paper on Sunday... SL is a widely read paper... circulation numbers rank witin the top 25 in the USA... a lil' bigger than the "Boston Globe" .. so alotta eyeballs saw this "domain talk"

The print edition title was a bit different than the online version ---->

"Exploiting Disaster Is Their Domain "

One of the few "main stream" articles that I can recall using & defining the term "DOMAINERS"
QUOTE: "Speculators who register and resell names call themselves “domainers.”

Both DNW's Andrew Allemann and Media Options' Andrew Rosener were quoted.

“It’s like buying a lottery ticket,” said Andrew Allemann, editor at “You make a guess and if it turns out that Hurricane Andrea is one of the big storms of the year, people will go to that domain. We can call it distasteful, but it’s not illegal to buy a domain name of a disaster and try to sell it. It’s just kind of sad.”
"The value of the domain increases if it contains buzzwords that match news headlines. Topical names are resold online for thousands of dollars via auctions on sites like GoDaddy and eBay.

More than 300 Sandy-related names were registered on the day the storm made landfall, according to Allemann. After domainers register the names, they try to sell them to companies that specialize in storm products and cleanup."
"Andrew Rosener, CEO of domain trader Media Options, said buying up storm names is actually not a great investment."

“I’ve never been a fan of watching the news and trying to catch the wave before anybody else,” said Rosener. “If it’s something disastrous, that gets somewhat offensive. We encourage people to invest in generic, high value domain names like It’s like buying a piece of land and waiting for a developer to come along who wants to build something on it. We encourage people to stay away from what I call trendy domain names.”
“With cybersquatting, you’re holding the domain name hostage for a price.”

"Celebrities including Bruce Springsteen and Madonna have sued cybersquatters. Madonna won her case but the Boss lost, which is why his official site is, not"


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Sep 15, 2009
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i got lucky. I sold to an attorney.

You didn't get lucky, you just got paid for the possible exploitation of human life, good work.


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May 18, 2011
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This is one of the cases, when people watch domainers thru fingers.
Business as every other, it's all up to an individual's character, some go over "death bodies"
May be sad if there is a real charity coming to help, but can't find a fair domain for reg fee.

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