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broker I Pay 25% + $25 On Sales

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Jul 11, 2011
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I pay 25% + $25 on brokered sales

Brokerage for a list of domains must be approved in advance. Otherwise, I pay the usual 15%.

Although I do own premium domains, I would start you out with non-premium domains that can still sell for mid $xxx to mid $x,xxx.

Generally, my price expectations are low enough that sales are likely to happen as long as some end-user buyer has interest.

I have been domaining full time for several years. So, yes, my domains do sell. However, I'm trying to spend my time on development projects and clients. So I don't have time to market my own stuff for sale.

Do the math:

Sale Price: $100
You Get: $50.

Sale Price: $1,000
You Get: $300

Sale Price: $5,000
You Get: $1,300

I have thousands of "virgin" domains that have never been marketed for sale. You CAN make money if you're any good. And you don't need to put a penny in. Just your time spent identifying people and contacting them.

The last time I was (indirectly) involved with end-user outreach was about 2 years ago, and even my .MOBI domains were of sufficient quality to sell for as much as $1,000. My passive domain sales -- meaning when people come to me first -- tend to range between high $xxx and mid $xx,xxx. Most of the domains I'd entrust to you would be valued below $10k. But surprises do happen.

This is mainly about quantity and reasonable price expectations. Quantity is what I have. And I'm more flexible than the average seller -- meaning that your negotiations will usually close and result in you getting paid. So if you can contact people about 100 domains and close on 10% of those, you'll be making a respectable amount of money.

Domaining is my profession. So if we work well together, we'll both make more money together in the long term.

I'm looking for one or more individuals who

- speak good English
- are polite to customers
- are familiar with domain transactions
- do not SPAM indiscriminately
- know how to research and contact end-user buyers using Google
- know how to filter out domainers (if other services are used)
- would rather lose money than cheat someone out of money
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