Ilze's Odyssey: How a Daughter of Latvian Immigrants Wound Up Rocking the Domain World


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Jul 15, 2002
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A new Cover Story is out at It shouldn't surprise anyone that Ilze Kaulins-Plaskacz has become a rock star in her chosen field - domain investing. During her days as a radio ad exec in Los Angeles Ilze had a chance to study some of the best (including Bruce Springsteen, whom she visited backstage). Since the day she was born Ilze has been on one big tour - a journey that finally stopped in our unique corner of the Internet where she found the love of her business life - domain names.

Ilze was the first female investor on the Canadian scene when the .CA extension opened to the general public, allowing her to build a phenomenal portfolio of .CA domains - the ccTLD for Canada where Ilze settled after getting married. With a laser like focus on her favorite country code and investment quality .coms, Ilze became one the busiest and most successful buyers and sellers in our space. Ilze has had an amazing ride, one made possible by her parents and grandparents. They were Latvian immigrants, displaced by World War II, who traveled halfway around the globe to give their children a better life. You can read her entire story here:
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