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.info LR-II registrare

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Apr 6, 2002
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Hey Daynetworks.

Do you want bizproinfo.net for nearly nuffin.

The details are being distributed from the Registry today, so you should see many more Registrars offering pre-registration soon.

The list of 15k names is now available, and the Registry will be processing submissions from participating Registrars either at the end of June or in early July.

OpenSRS resellers will be collecting applications for names until June 20th - most should be starting any day now. We'll have our system online by the weekend.



Sorry, but bizproinfo.net does not fit in my every.biz project. I only have real good TypeIn names like musical.us, pocketpc.us,
uni.us and want to sell advertising banners on my every.biz homepage.

On the Afilas homepage I can´t see any information regarding
participating Registrars and the 15k names. Where can I see this names ? Is it possible to have an access to the list? At info-biz.info there is a PDF file with "only" 10k names. Could you send
me an email if your system is online? My email: office@daynet.biz.
Many thanks

Sorry, we did not received the LRII domain file today, so I can't confirm that the list is really 15k as the Afilias website states.
Land Rush 2 (LR2) is the process established by Afilias, the .INFO registry, for the redistribution of approximately 15,000 premium .INFO names.
Since it was promised today, I assume we'll see it tomorrow...

As soon as I have it, I'll post a link to it here.

We should have our pre-registration process online this weekend - assuming we get the list of names... The names will be processed in a round-robin registry queue this time, so the distribution will be more spread out than the recent .us distribution was.

Here's an explanation about how this one will work...


Tucows is enforcing no duplicates from a single reseller, however they will be accepting duplicates across resellers. I don't know what the other Registrars will be doing.

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