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Offers Wanted Juicers.info, WearableTech.cc & others


Stuff for things
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Hello offers considered , no time for these:

wearabletech.cc - with website , in good standing , Namecheap Sept 18 BIN $150

shippingandlogistics.com -- older domain with older websites Namecheap March 18 BIN $130

payXXXXX.com - Payday loan website with content in good standing, several years old Namecheap March 18 , pm for domain

juicers.info -- great domain Dynadot Dec 18 $350

hauntingstories.com -- bought this website last year, no time , older established site June -18 BIN $250

diydesign.net -- older video website with content Godaddy March 18 BIN $100

bluetoothcamera.com - older domain with website Dynadot June 18 $75

Over50Forum.com , great domain,millions of over 50 web users, Godaddy 7-18 BIN $125
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