Fixed Price L - L, net and L - N, .net - G-X,net

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Mar 19, 2003
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L - L .net and L - N .net domains

Rare domains

Q-5, net

Fixed Price $ 700 > $ 199.


Very few L - L .net domains are offered on the forums at wholesale prices.

All of the other L -L .net domains I offered on DNF this year were
purchased within 24 hours.
If you are interested, I suggest you take action.

There are only 676 L-L .net domains.
And, only 260 L-N .net domains.

For example of wholesale pricing, an L - L .net domain went for $ 453. last week on Snapnames.

the domains are with Enom.
Easily pushed into your Enom account.

Payment thru Paypal (verified member - MassPay)
or - buyer pays fees.
If not Paypal MassPay - add $ 10. per domain to payment.

Payment must be made within 24 hours.

Subject to prior sale.
Reserve the right to cancel the offer to sell at anytime.

Buyer needs to be a member of DNF for at least 6 months and
must have more than 3 transactions.

Post or PM - SOLD .
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