LAST CALL: HUGE $10 Sale - ENDING in 24 hours! + MORE

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Andrew Shaw

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Sep 27, 2005
This is an update to the thread located below. Being that I have placed a last call, 24 hours left... I have decided to start a new thread in order to give anyone who hasnt seen this thread a fair shot.

This is the last call for this increadible sale, before I put this listing to rest, and bring out a brand new batch. You wont see deals like this ANYWHERE else. 24 hours left!

This is a huge blowout sale. These names are not expiring, Most have a half a year or more till expiration. Most of these names were purchased thru backorders. Others were purchased from previous owners. Every one of these names were purchased with a development idea in mind, so no crap here. Due to lack of time because of developing, and funds needed in doing so, I must in deep regrets sell these names quickly.

Domain names are $10 each... I'll regret it later, but I have to do what I have to do.
Please do a whois check to verify ownership, and or expiration dates. Although I believe none of these are expiring anytime soon.

PM, Post, or Email offers to AndrewTShaw1387 at
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