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LocalWhois acquires DomainsBot

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I am in no doubt that namehunter is localwhois too:

From a post by localwhois:
"We use Exodys' as starting point, then thanks to our sotwares we retrieve new domains."

From a post by namehunter:
"LocalWhois uses Exody domains (and pays Exody a license), but adds domains retrieved by their own softwares. "

Also every nh post seems to be about droplists and either doing down the competition (like the comment about fallendomains) or praising lw.

But from a company that steals and lies, what would else would you expect?
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What a sad state of affairs. Thank you safesys, for bringing this behavior to the attention of the forum.

Dwayne has given me permission to post the email relating to the alleged payment:

They have emailed us that "payment is on the way in the form of
a "Euro Check" from Italy. We have not received anything...
We requested that they not "send via mail" anything and we
will give them wire transfer instructions. We are told by
our bank that you should never give out your bank info to
a foreign company or risk hell tring to get it corrected.
It could as well be yet another pile of bull. If they really
wanted to make a payment in good order they could simply
PayPal it to us. I'm beginning to think these people have
no idea how to shoot strait and deal in a honest manner.
I'm currently on vacation and when I return on Aug 10
that will be our limit of tolerance. In the mean time
I'm sure that LW will make a lot of moves but nothing will
change the truth and history.


From LocalWhois to Exody after having read the latest post:

"Dear Dwayne, the payment has been sent, via Euro Check, over 7 days ago. You should receive it very soon (or it is probably already arrived). We prefer not to use PayPal for this kind of payments. If you prefer, we can make wire transfers in the future."
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