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Ludicrous.info - 1 Word Domain - $49

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Jul 1, 2012
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This is a Premium Generic 1 Word domain.
One-Word Domain - Top-level domains (TLD's).
Very great investment on long term.

  • Increase Traffic. Single-word generic .info domains already receive traffic. This traffic principally comes from direct type-in or referral traffic. Direct type-in is when an internet user types the domain directly into her browser, such as typing ‘www.bars’ instead of searching for the keyword “bars” in the search engines. Referral traffic typically comes from links on other websites. Furthermore, it helps increase your web search ranking in Google/Yahoo/MSN since a generic domain name already contains the keyword in the URL name.
  • Be a Sound Investment. Similar to real estate, generic .info domain names are investments. One-word .info domain names increase in value on a daily basis given their scarcity and free traffic they generate via direct type-ins. A .info name can also become more valuable if the site is developed and marketed.

The advantages of investing in a Premium .info Domain include:

  • Easier to remember: Shorter, catchier domain names will keep visitors coming back to your site.
  • Better Brand Image: Certain domains—such as single word generic .info domains automatically convey an image of prestige and added credibility. Users are much more likely to place an order with a generic site named, for example, realestate.info, than one named jonshousesforsale or sometimes even a brand name they don’t know. Successful companies know this, and many purchase multiple Premium generic .info Domains to complement their own brand names and own branded websites
  • Improved Search Engine Ranking: Domain names that contain search engine keywords are more likely to gain top search engine rankings for those keywords. Try it yourself: Search a keyword on Google and see how many of the top results contain that keyword as part of the domain name.
  • Traffic Generating: Despite the growth of search engines, a surprising number of people still “search” by typing in what they’re looking for and putting a .info on the end. Thus, many generic .info domain names receive hundreds or even thousands of visitors per day, perfectly targeted according to keyword. What is the value of this much targeted traffic to your business?
  • Investment Potential: A Premium generic .info Domain name is an asset that your business invests in and can later resell for a profit.
Site was recently developed, Wordpress + Auto updating content.

Price: $49
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