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New Skydivers and Asian Domainers Affiliate Group


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May 21, 2015
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Welcome :cool::cool::cool: to DnForum....
From Kuala Lumpur With LOVE...:);):D
All new Domainers from Asian just email me for networking discussion as new learner and new domainer:p:p:p
DomainsCop...From Kuala lumpur with Love :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::oops::oops::oops::eek::eek::confused::confused::cool::cool::cool:;););):):):):)
[email protected]
Identity..........Some Techniques
Identity Comes out Of the Product
Start Out the believing this even if at the end you have to apply identity almost as an afterthought. Has the product a unique feature???
If not is there a feature which it shares with others which you can
pre-empt? If the competition then claim they also have this feature they will be doing you a favour unless, of course, they outspend you by a considerable amount.
The nature of proposition and the ideas they inspire has already been described. The whole subject of promise is dealt with in the next writing. What follows are techniques which can be applied irrespective of promise. They should not be regarded as alternatives to a unique idea but an additional reinforcement.
The first group are visual, the second verbal....

By Ronnie DomainsCorp@DomainsCop
If you own a logo make sure people know it yours
A little preliminary communication research will tell you if what you know, they know. It is very smart to spend a lot of money advertising a symbol if the symbol isn't inextricably linked in the public mind with your company. Otherwise you may have to undertake a two stage campaign - associate the claim with the symbol and the symbol with the company. Mobil used to have a flying red horse. It is now gone to that great stable in the sky. Why??? because Mobil conducted some research and found that though the was known, its parentage wasn't recognised. Mobil new symbol is simply their brand name in blue with the O in red...I am not advocating that all symbols should simply be in the brand name. This inhibits flexibility of usage (see later). But there is not great advantage. Nobody takes it for anyone else' trademark.

By Ronnie DomainsCorp@DomainCop
Domain Identity ....Some Techniques-By DomainsCorp@DomainsCop
This time i will review a few methods to assist all members to achieve identity.
A. 'I'm only here for the beer
B. Great Slogan
A. Which beer?
B. Err....
A.Try this (sings) 'A Double Diamond Work Wonders,"
B. You're flat.
A. The Beer isn't. Which beer?
B. Don't be ridiculous.Double Diamond, of course. You said so.
Its like asking me who write Beethoven's 5th.
A.How about this? 'That Shell that was 'Which oil company??
A. Come on cooperate.
B. This is silly.
A'We try harder'
B. Avis
A. Very good. Now you try harder ...'You'll never be the same again.'
B. Gordon's Gin
A. India.
B. The tyre company??
A. The country.
B. The country??
A. You can take it anywhere.
B. White Horse.
A. What do beans mean
B. Heinz.
A. What prolongs active life??
B. Pal.
A. Fortifies the over forties??
B. Phyllosan
A. I'm only here for the beer
B. Mmm....
A. Clue....it also works wonders
B. Double Diamond??
A. The same
B. Good luck-and goodnight!!
As we saw here at the last it is never too early to begin THINKING ABOUT IDENTITY. The identity of domain must enter into the preliminary discussion before the proposition is formulated...

To Be Continued By Ronnie DomainsCorp@DomainsCOP

Change Your Thinking And You Change Your Life.. THINK DIFFERENT
To think is to act----Ralph Waldo Emerson
In the mid-1990s, Apple Computer was on the brink of Bankruptcy. Steven Jobs revitalized the company in the late '90s by introducing a breakthrough computer he call '"iMac."
The ad campaign for the "iMac."
The ad campaign for the iMac was a creative and provocative for the iMac was a creative and provocative as the computer itself. The ads featured black and white photograph of the century's greatest thinkers and innovators, such as Albert Einstein, Mohandas Ghandi, and Emilia Earhart, to name a few. this simple SLOGAN ANCHORED each photo:
Identity some techniques:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:;);););):):):):):p:p:p:cool::cool::cool:
Make The Whole Advertisement A Logo..

In this rule is observed -and not merely paid lip service - you have no problems. It requires skill rather than genius, craftsmanship rather than Imagination. and it requires tenacity. The number of possible ingredients in an advertisement is infinite (See Collin Forbes's point in coming writing).
It should not be difficult to select a distinct combination of photography, typography lettering, art and copy styles. Why ads have to look like other ads baffles me. The trick, of course, is to maintain your add/logo. Its is too easy to compromise , to let the controls slip when you have a specific job to do (e.g. include a coupon, address the trade, run a promotion) but with a little ingenuity the styles can accommodate such a tactical diversion. Look at the US Volkswagen advertising. Each ad is unmistakably a VW ad and though there is a small logo, there is no continuing slogan. The whole advertisement is a logo. some critics will say that if you reveal the name of the advertiser people will not want to read the advertisement. This reveals no only a lack of faith in their powers to arouse and maintain interest, but confused thinking and inability to distinguish form from content.
The form (i.e the ad/logo) merely identifies the name of the advertiser:
the content can communicate any of A MILLION MESSAGE.

by Ronnie DomainsCorp@DomainsCop
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