Buyer Optimization for Domain Marketplaces

Tia Wood

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Jan 11, 2006
Get into the mind of your visitors. Some have the intention to buy. Others are just merely browsing. No matter what phase of the sales cycle a visitor comes to your website, there are ways to capture the lead before they are gone for good.

Use these 9 tips to help maximize the likelihood of a sale, capture leads and convert traffic into buyers.

1. Show credibility and experience - The buyer wants to be confident in who they are dealing with. How many years experience do you have selling domains? Are you a trustworthy individual or company? What sales have you had in the past. Make sure to link to this information on the homepage, domain lander page and an about page. Be sure to also provide links to a privacy policy and terms of use.

2. Educate - Why should a buyer be interested in a particular domain name? Do they understand the value of a good domain name? How should they go about finding the most fitting domain for their project or company? Answering these questions builds trust and establishes you as knowledgeable professional. This can be a separate area in the form of a blog, a landing page or a few paragraphs on the domain's page itself.

3. Provide support options - How easy is it for a buyer to reach you if they need help or have questions? You should in the very least provide a contact form.

4. Show related domains and services - A domain's landing page is the perfect opportunity to upsell related domains and services. If you control the platform, you can write an algorithm to display closely similar domains. (I have written custom algorithms for a feature like this before. Reach out to me if you need some advice on what rules should be in place).

5. Offer drill down lists - Offer drill down lists such as brandable domains, domains under $100, featured domains, etc to help lead the buyer to specific sub levels of pricing and quality.

6. Give alternative offer options - Adding a BIN price is fine but allow the buyer to make an offer. You can restrict the minimum offer if you want but remaining open to an offer close to BIN is better than not selling at all.

7. Offer a newsletter - Not every visitor is ready to buy right now and buyers may be in the market for future deals. Set up a newsletter that keeps subscribers up to date on inventory, company news and tips to help push a sale for later. When you send out a newsletter, offer quality content and at a frequency that doesn't feel like spam (about once a week maximum).

8. Make payment methods clear - Do you offer PayPal or strictly escrow? If so, which company? Are you offering checkout through credit cards only or do you accept eChecks. Being clear about payment methods and the process increases buyer confidence.

9. Implement a cart recovery feature - Not many people think of this but if you had an "add to cart" feature instead of a static landing page then you can implement cart recovery optimization when buyers show interest in a domain but do not complete checkout. The strategy is to collect just enough information (name and email) so if they do abandon their cart you can begin an automated drip email campaign to encourage the sale.

Reach out to me via DM if you have any questions about optimizing for domain marketplaces or if you need any help implementing coding and marketing solutions.
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