fixed price How my catastrophic failures can become your goldmine...

Fixed prices set for the domain(s) listed in the original post.
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Aug 1, 2002
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Here’s my story:

Many, many years ago I hand-regged a two-word .com that I thought was pretty good. I went on different forums asking for opinions of value. Every single opinion I received was along the lines of “That name really sucks”.

So I sold it for cheap.

Less than a year later, that two-word phrase made it into Google’s Top 10 most-searched-for Keyword phrases. Even more impressive, that keyword phrase became Google’s most expensive click-through word/phrase, at well over $100/click.

That domain name was

Later, about 10 years ago, I was contacted by a gentleman who was starting a video-conferencing company. He wanted one of my domain names and offered me either a bit of cash or an equity stake in his future company. I didn’t want equity in what I thought would be a dime-a-dozen company, so I took the cash.

That domain name was

So, how might my failures benefit you?

Well, it seems I know the difference between good names and bad.
It also seems as though I don’t always know their true worth.

I think is an excellent name (a HUGE industry; “organic” has almost 2 Billion search results on Google) but I think I may have priced it too low at $15,888, even for our current economic climate.

So I’m going to offer it at that price for 7 DAYS ONLY.

If it doesn’t sell within that time I’ll greatly increase the price to what I think this name would sell for in the future, when our faltering economy will inevitably turn the tide.

I just hope I didn’t price it too low.
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