Overture w/ext domains - Buy 2 get 4 free!!!

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Jan 5, 2005
dupaimoon.com Ovt w/ext - 67 - Namecheap

ncameljockey.com Ovt w/ext - 39 - Namecheap

Asking $70 for both names (Paypal)
Both names were just registered about 5 mins ago.

If the sale is completed in the next 30 mins (from time of post) I will also give you a list of 4 available free to register overture domains with score of: 26, 28, 33, 28 respectively (These are not hyphenated domains and I have cofirmed the score manually on every name, you could keep these or sell them on...it's upto you)

Be Quick!...Post "Sold" to claim.
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