Please Helppp !! Ownership ??

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Hi everybody, Im new over here and had a quick question !

I registered this .us domain, now a company has emailed me regarding that, the domain belongs to them and if i dont give it up they are going to sue me. On the other hand I have a really good offer to sell it to an individual !!

If I sell the domain could this cause any issues and difficulties for me even though I have not recieved any letters from any court or any other place regarding the domain !! The only letter I recieved was from the Company's CEO who was claiming the ownership !!

Ill really appreciate your advice.

Thank You

What domain is that?
Consult a lawyer. If they own a trademark for what the domain represents, you might need it.


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Apr 23, 2002
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timechange is right !
if its a TM you will have a headache, if not, no worries

ok when i go to that place and enter the company name the status is :

1)New Application - Record Initialized Not Assigned to Examiner

2)Response After Non-final Action - Entered

Does this mean that they are TD ??

thank you so much guys !!
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