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Jul 21, 2004
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This sales thread covers 3 topics:
  1. 3 Established FAMOUS PEOPLE / TRIVIA / QUOTES / WEIRD NEWS websites
  2. 3 Established BOLLYWOOD / INDIA websites

I have bought a new server and want to clear the old one before migrating. I have therefore slashed prices drastically for these established sites. (I also have other sales - be sure to check as I will give a generous discount for multiple purchases)

All my sites are monetized, but I don't have individual tracking set up. And although income isn't the only factor determining value, this fact has already been taken into account when pricing the sites so low.

More info/stats screenshots available on request. (If you can't reach me on this forum, try DP or NamePros, or contact me here)

Payment: verified PayPal preferred (no credit card/check-funded payments) - Moneybookers considered.

This is a multi-forum sale, so strictly first-come, first-served. Post SOLD to claim at BIN and please send payment without delay, otherwise the site will go to the next guy. Thanks for your cooperation.

With each site, you get:
  1. The domain and a free push (internal transfer) at the current registrar;
  2. The website and contents, as seen, except some paid licenses may not be included (inquire if not sure);
  3. 7 Days' free hosting/CPanel access so you can move the site (or I can move the site for a small fee). [Please note, the responsibility to ensure your hosting is suitable is entirely yours];
  4. Site instructions if required.

The website URLs below are obscured since I don't want the search engines to pick up on this thread - just remove the "DOT" and replace with a ".", or go here for clickable links.
  1. quitefamousDOTnet - PR1 - WordPress (auto updates from various sources) - domain since 2005 [GoDaddy / expires: 2008-09-13] - 1,380 pages indexed in Google - receives about 360 UV/month - offers from $80 / BIN: $160
  2. quoteoftodayDOTcom - PR1 - WordPress (auto updates from various sources) - domain since 2006 [GoDaddy / expires: 2008-08-15] - 1,060 pages indexed in Google - receives about 253 UV/month - offers from $90 / BIN: $180
  3. theweirdnewsblogDOTcom - WordPress - loads of original and manually added content (Galleries, etc.), plus auto updates from various sources - domain since 2006 [GoDaddy / expires: 2008-10-15] - 1,800 pages indexed in Google - receives about 709 UV/month - offers from $90 / BIN: $190
  4. bollyDOTws - Bollywood wallpaper site with approximately 748 images - runs on the free Coppermine Photo Gallery script with a customized free theme - PR1 - 17-month old site - nice short .WS domain (all other top TLDs taken) [registered at domainspricedright.com (WWD) / expires: 1/11/2009] - 2,280 pages indexed in Google - receives about 156 UV/month - offers from $60 / BIN: $110
  5. bollywoodtamashaDOTcom - PR1 Bollywood poster store (via Allposters) and products shop (via Amazon) (free customized script) - premium 4-year old domain [registered at GoDaddy / expires: 12/8/2008] - 17-month old site - 490 pages indexed in Google - receives about 140 UV/month - offers from $80 / BIN: $150
  6. bollywoodapparelDOTcom - PR1 Bollywood apparel store (via Cafepress) (paid script included) - includes basic Cafepress store - premium domain [registered at domainspricedright.com (WWD) / expires: 1/12/2009] - 17-month old site - 34 pages indexed in Google - top SERPs for relevant key phrases (e.g. #1 in Google our of 261,000 results for bollywood apparel) - receives about 60 UV/month - offers from $80 / BIN: $150
  7. azooglesecretsDOTcom - Azoogle tips site with original content - I had planned to write the ebook the original author always wanted to release (this is a great name for such an electronic product), but never got around to it (as a matter of fact, I never even changed the Azoogle affiliate sign-up link) - so, just create the ebook and offer it for free or sell it, change the Azoogle link to yours, do some promotion, and Bob's your uncle! - almost 2 year old site - domain registered at Namecheap [expires: 2008-07-22] - receives about 75 UV/month - offers from $60 / BIN: $110
  8. profittunnelDOTcom - 5-month old unique site selling original 31 page ebook (not written by me) [ebook can be edited and will be provided in Open Office and PDF formats] (selected pages from the ebook can be viewed here, here, here, here and here) - brandable domain, registered at GoDaddy [expires: 2009-01-09] (2 bonus domains also included: theprofittunnelDOTcom and profitfunneltunnelDOTcom) - receives about 39 UV/month - offers from $90 / BIN: $180
  9. adsensehowtoguideDOTcom - nice turnkey site selling "cherry picked" 300MB Adsense ebook bundle - also has some Adsense-related articles and news (not unique) - 1 year old domain, registered at Namecheap [expires: 2009-06-09] - receives about 15 UV/month - offers from $30 / BIN: $80

This is not an auction, I have minimum prices and reserve the right not to sell if a fair offer is not made, or BIN not reached. The sale will end 14 days from now.

Other Terms: Perform your due diligence. Do a WHOIS search/use your favorite domain tool for registrar, age, PR, etc. I usually check PR with my Firefox extension, so if you get a different value, don't blame me. Sold As-Is, Where-Is, No Warranties. E&OE. I reserve the right not to sell. Full Terms here.
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