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Sep 27, 2005
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If you take the next few minutes to read through this thread, you will not be sorry. This tool alone has found me available domain names that I purchased for $8, and turned around and sold it for $900. There are SO MANY great available domain names left to register. Names that have traffic, one word dictionary terms, and so much more... and this tool IS going to help you find some of them....

Of the hundreds of things DRT can do, I've picked out some of the more advanced tools...

- DRT can scan lists of raw domain names as big as 500k names.
- High Traffic domain finder. Find dropping domain names, or available domain names that receive NATURAL type in traffic. This tool also analyzes the domain names terms, with and without the TLD to determine weather or not it already receives visitors, (Even if its available!)
- Alexa™, Google™, PageRank, MSN™, Yahoo!™ Overture™ checker. DRT is capable of searching for all at the same time.
- Built in proxy server list, and Multiple proxy support (up to 10k proxies auto-rotated daily)
- Typo Generator lets you instantly generate typos from domains and phrases, allowing you to find traffic names, and also come up with new domain ideas.
- Portfolio Manager to monitor changes in owned domains. Keep an eye on ALL your domain names in ONE place, regardless of where they are all registered. The system will let you know of ANY changes instantly so that your domain names will NEVER be hijacked successfully.
- Find available one word .com, .net, .org, .info’s, and hundreds of other domain extensions.

- Find available dictionary term .com, .net, .org, .info’s, and hundreds of other domain extensions.
- Watch List for tracking and acquiring domains of interest. Track any domain name, always know who the owner is, and it’s status. This gives you a great edge on other domainers, knowing multiple domain names status in one place.
- HUGE lists of expiring domain names provided DAILY. This includes all aspects of the drop as well; including redemption period, pending delete, etc.
- Every domain name that is scanned is analyzed, and given a valued appraisal.
- Integrated web browser designed for efficient research. Do extended research on a particular term, while still remaining in DRT. Allows for quicker research and efficiency.
- Domain generator & brainstorming tool. Allow this genius system create a name for you that is meaningful, and classy. Sometimes its just hard to figure out a name for your site, or to come up with a name for your business. With a few search criteria, the name generator does all the work for you.
- Bulk Whois scanning. Gives you detailed information on any domain name, including over 100 domain name extensions!
A full supply of zone files in several different TLD’s and even includes a feature that helps you break up large files(Like zone files) into 2 or more files, to make loading, scanning, analyzing and filtering faster and even POSSIBLE

Those aren’t even half of what this program can do! We will go over more below, but cant possibly note every single thing this program is capable of. For one, DRT is always being updated, with user suggested features, and second, a lot of MY favorite features involve combining one or more feature to get the results I’M looking for.

If you buy this program from the DRT website, you’ll only be hurting yourself. You will be charged the customer rate of $499.00. Our special price to all members is only $129.00. This includes a lifetime membership to all upgrades, updates, and my personal support.

      • Regular price: $499.
      • Sale Price: $249.
      • Special PRICE: $129.
      • To order, please follow through to link in my signature.

DRT was originally Designed for BULK Scanning: Domain Research Tool was created to scan domains in bulk. This means that it can handle lists of up to 500,000 domains per scan cycle. Unlike competing products, D.R.T. Can easily load and manipulate extremely large lists and even comes with full support for loading, filtering and analyzing zone files.
  • Powerful Proxy Support: Scanning large lists cannot be done without utilizing proxy servers (see Help file for detailed information on what proxy servers are). D.R.T. supports loading of up to 10,000 proxy servers for use during the scan. Throughout the scan the proxy servers are rotated and poorly performing proxies are automatically disabled. D.R.T. Can also check the proxies to ensure that they are functional and non-transparent. No other domain tool offers these features.
  • New - Trademark Analyzer & Typo Detection: Instantly analyze domains for trademark risk and match them with the right trademarked term and company. Our advanced engine supports automatic typo detection (ex: mikrosoft => microsoft) and risk analysis (ex: risky, not risky).
  • New - Multi Language Word Recognizer: Our tool can now recognize valid words within a domain name and detect the language used (with probability percentage). We currently support the following hard coded languages: English, German, Polish, Spanish and Italian with optional support for your own dictionary files. Load tens of thousands of domains and let D.R.T. go to work extracting valid words and terms.
  • New - Google™ EXTERNAL Tool: You can now scan domains, keywords and URLs to extract type-in, search volume, CPC and historical search records using DRT's Google External Tool feature. Export the results to a domain generator and instantly find available domains with traffic. The External Tool provides a wealth of information on trillions of keywords and now you can query that data in bulk.
  • New - Overture™ Type-in Archive: Overture has stopped providing results for all term and domain lookups but by using D.R.T. you'll still be able to pull up Overture stats for over a billion domains and terms. We have archived many months of complete Overture stats (for all registered domains and related terms) and all Overture queries are now processed through our archive server. D.R.T. clients are the the only ones with access to this vast database. No proxies needed. Up to 50 domains / second scan speeds.
  • New - Keyboard Designer: Create international keyboard layouts and apply the keyboard to the typo generator. You can now easily create a keyboard layout for any country (ex: Germany, China, etc) and use that keyboard layout to generate typos. This feature unlocks hundreds of new possible typos for each domain you input. Compatible with every keyboard layout and language.
  • New - IDN Support: As requested by our customers, Domain Research Tool now supports international domain names (IDNs). This means that you'll be able to load and scan international domain names just as easily as you scan regular domains. All IDN conversion is done in the background so that you never have to worry about converting from UTF8 to punycode. DRT is the only tool to offer integrated IDN support and a bulk IDN converter.
  • New - Typo Generator: Instantly generate hundreds to thousands of typos from other domains and keyword phrases. Generate typos in 250 TLDs and quickly check them for availability and typein score. No other tool offers such flexibility.
  • Portfolio Management: The latest version of Domain Research Tool includes a portfolio management feature designed to monitor and track the user's domain portfolio. Changes to domain whois records, name servers, e-mails, IPs, site title, link popularity, overture score and much more are tracked and analyzed. Keeping an eye on your domains has never been easier.
  • Watch List: Finding and acquiring quality domains cannot be done without organization. The D.R.T. watch list helps users stay organized by keeping track of offers, auctions, sales, purchases, negotiations, domain notes, alerts, and much more. The tool can also send automated offers in bulk to owners of domains you are interested in.
  • Type-in Domain Finder: D.R.T. was built to simplify the process of finding and acquiring type-in domains. With support for Overture.TLD scans as well as multiple diggers that generate domains based on popular Overture and search engine keywords, D.R.T. makes finding type-in domains a snap.

A few other noteworthy capabilities, and upates of the newest, most advanced DRT to hit the domain battle field, are:

  • Added keyword matching for beginning and ending of domain, ex. match "cars" at beginning but not in middle. Using * as wildcard (cars*)
  • - Added support to Overture(TM) digger
  • - Added Domain Length and other metrics to appraiser
  • - Update Help File
  • - Added Bulk Whois E-mail Extractor
  • - Added Domain Length as sortable column
  • - Added Free hourly updated proxy lists
  • - Added Archived domain name lists
  • - Added .org Zone File updated daily at midnight
  • - Added two-click download for NameJet Prelease,
  • PendingDelete lists
  • - Added custom e-mail script support
  • -Typein History (Overture archive) now populated with 3 months of data spread out over 2 years
  • - Added Google Advertiser Count for terms
  • - Added MSN Advertiser Count for terms
  • - Improved proxy checker
  • - Improved Scan Speeds (enhanced turbo mode)
  • - Improved Bug Reporting
  • -Bulk Term Corrector using Google (TM) and MSN (TM) "Did you mean".
  • - Bulk Word Recognizer using english or other dictionary files.
  • - Global support for scanning phrases instead of just domains.
  • - Support for quote and no quote lookups on terms.
  • - Added new domain list support inluding one click downloads.
  • for premiumdrops lists.
  • + Available domains with metrics
  • + Dropping domains with metrics
  • + PendingDelete domains with metrics
  • + RGP / Hold DOmains with metrics
  • + SnapNames / eNom / TuCows/ GoDaddy domains with metrics
  • + All active domain auctions
  • - Added archived Overture digger (in addition to the previous update). You
  • can now perform wildcard searches using the Overture digger and generate
  • domains based on the results. Ex: 'car insurance' or "carinsurance", etc
  • can now be searched instantly through the Digger to generate 1,000+ results
  • matching the wildcard. proxies are NO LONGER required for those scans.
  • - Users can send up to 5,000 emails at a time using DRT servers (changed from 50)

To order, please follow through to the link in my signature.
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PageRank checker no longer works and no replys to support emails - Luc simply ignores

This is very disappointing since this used to be a good software.


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Nov 22, 2009
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Am I missing something here? This looks very similar to what Estibot offers...
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