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Dec 20, 2020
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Domainers use many tools to research domains for hand registration or to mine gems from expired domain lists. DotDB is one of the most powerful and advanced tools for domain search. It is very easy to use. It is a trusted site with which is used by many domainers in the industry. You just need to write a keyword and press the search button. DotDB will find out all the domains with registered extensions in the next column. with searched keyword(s) in a different position in a name. You can choose ‘any position/beginning/end/shuffle’ when searching a keyword.

It has different plans. The first one is HOBBIST which is FREE where you can enjoy data updates, unlimited searches, positional matches, and support IDNs. For domainers who don’t want to pay any fees, this plan can help them.

In the ‘PRO’ plan, you can enjoy filter options by digits, hyphens, extensions, and length. You will be able to search multiple keywords in this plan, shuffle the positions of keywords, and also, can Exclude keywords from the search result.

DotDB's EXPERT plan has Bulk Search options which are great when you try to search tons of expiring domains every day. It also has API access, count sorting, and filter by site status (Active, parking, inactive). They have 40 themes that will make your space more comfortable to work in.
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