Selling all my domains.

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Jul 14, 2004
nitronet said:

This loser has kept my money and never gave me the domains.

Another DNforum scammer.
Hate when that happens. Keep buzzing him though, he might just be away from keyboard :cheeky:


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Dec 3, 2004
hey sorry. I am having problems with my paypal account and havent been able to log in for the last 3 days.

Why didn you send me a PM??? Why do you post here and bash me? I can understand if you sent me a PM and i didnt respond, but this is childish. I dont check this thread everyday, i check my PM's and leave.

Also i havent accepted our payment yet, which I am doing now, so i dont have your money hostage.....its hasnt been claimed yet.

I would appreciate an appology. And the namecheap domain will be pushed when i get home from work. As for the houserentals, i will find out how to transfer it.


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Jun 21, 2004
What you are supposed to do is follow the rules.

Do not "bump" your sale threads with the word "bump" or no relevant information. All replies to your own threads in sales MUST contain information pertaining to the sale. Do not use sneaky bump tactics like "If you PM me, post in the thread that you PMed me". There are too many bump tactics to list, so just don't try any of them. Unnecessary thread bumping will not be tolerated.
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