sold Omniqore.con at Squadhelp.con for $1999

Arbor Alma

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Sep 17, 2019
New York
Hello, I sold at for $1999. This is my third domain sold at Squadhelp, and it was a very positive experience. It took me 6 months to sell the domain, however I think I could have sold it quicker if I used the domain boost earlier. Domain boost is a great feature recently introduced by Squadhelp. It increases the visibility of your domain. My domain was sold about two weeks after I boosted it. To boost a domain you use points either purchased or earned in naming contests.

I successfully sold domains at other places, however Squadhelp is my favorite. At Squadhelp my domains have much more views than at other places, it is always a smooth transaction, and their communication is outstanding (usually I get a reply within minutes). I consider transferring all my domains to Squadhelp for sale.