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Someone registered a .co same name as my 4 letter .com


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Dec 6, 2009
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I noticed that someone has registered LLLL.co with the same letters as my LLLL.COM. Am I in danger of a domain grab?

My LLLL.COM ends in a country code. The first two letters are "good" and read well. You can comfortably say LLLL.COM for the domain. I was happy to pick it up in an auction. I can't remember the cost exactly. A few hundred dollars.

I had thought of using for tourism. The letters work well for that. I just sat on it until now. A year or so ago I was contacted with an offer of $5,000. I explained I was going to develop the domain. Now I see they registered the .co just afterwards. So I guess it was them. They have a startup. People talking about the startup online, I see, have accidentally pointed to my LLLL.COM

Since they called their company LL<two letter country code>. Am I right that this blocks me branding my developed web site LL<two letter country code> ? If I do this I think they get to grab the domain.

The name of their company actually causes me a bit of a problem for naming my tourism site. People won't find the site so easily. I guess I could still call it LL <full country name> and be careful to never "brand" the project as LLLL.COM.

If their startup takes of they might make me a great offer. Who knows. I'd need to use escrow because people are sneaky x 10 here. I guess I had better check my domain information so that they don't get to grab the domain due to some mistake.
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