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Stevan Lieberman Webinar Recording


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Jul 29, 2011
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The webinar domain with lawyer, Stevan Lieberman was an outstanding success. You wouldn't believe some of the information that he freely and openly shared with attendees. Information that could save you thousands of dollars or even your domains themselves! A recording of the webinar is now available below

He shared a few things about his life's journey and then we moved on to the many legal aspects of domains. A wide range of topics was discussed including:

  • Stevan's background and how he became a legal domain expert
  • Legal pointers when buying and selling domains
  • The benefits and problems of leasing and renting domains
  • Trademarks and attitudes of trademark owners towards domain investors
  • How to protect your domain from being taken from you
  • Questions and answers plus a lot, lot more!

The webinar was so successful that it's likely that Stevan will be back to unpack in more depth some of the many topics that were only glossed over.

Feel free to leave feedback on the video here and comments about what you would like to see discussed in future webinars.

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