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The .biz badge

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I think Neulevel is doing just fine with .biz.

I hear economic sentiments are starting to crawl out of the wood works.

I know a lot of laggard b2b businesses haven't yet exploited the WWW to its full potential, but are slowly being weaned with email and gradual exposure.

I believe that .biz will eventually become the online badge to add that professional polish to professional business services going online.

Fact that you can't (officially) sell .biz on eBay or buydomains.com, will help the upmarket imaging of .biz.

But you may probably have to wait 2 years for momentum to build and this to happen.

Good business names on the .biz extension are great domains to squirrel away till the economy recovers.

Any thoughts on this?
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My main thought is "biz" sounds terribly unprofessional and doesn't seem to signal anything that .com doesn't already provide.

As with any new tld, the main signs of success will be corporate take up and promotion.



the term 'biz' is actually well recognised in the corporate circle, primarily among business professionals.

CNN in fact uses ebiz quite a lot for their programming eg bizasia, so I won't say it is exactly dissonant.

I do however, agree that the language culture of the corporate world and the layman are quite different.


Same for me with .org after all this time, I still think it means orgasm or organ or something.

Sadly, .com sends a shiver down my spine and kinda reminds me of a rotting economy.

I like .net, .net should have been what .com is currently. It's more intuitive sounding.


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Originally posted by safesys
My main thought is "biz" sounds terribly unprofessional and doesn't seem to signal anything that .com doesn't already provide.

As with any new tld, the main signs of success will be corporate take up and promotion.

I totally Agree.
biz ? <--- come on even New.Net has better extensions

in short, very unprofessional, just like the pro is going to be.
DrBert.Med.pro < cause i am a professional, not like all those other doctors with a .com or net website



Hi Nic,

I remember the same back when I first used the internet with a 14k modem in 1995.

Yahoo.com sounded like a awkward toy name to me.

.net made a not of sense, not .com. How many of the surfing public know that .com actually stands for 'commercial'?

One of my client's is a major telco which I helped secure the .biz extension out of boredom one night.

Boy, were they pissed I got it. I sure transfered quick.

Yes, it's all about familiarity and acceptance. .biz is slowly making the rounds in the corporate world, unknownst to the ordinary public. And the undercurrents of familiarity and acceptance are moving a lot faster there then most casual speculators suspect.

But of course, I'm not saying that pets.biz is the most compelling name to have. Or even business.biz (that sounds like an overkill).

It's little business relevant gems like consultant.biz that you could you only have acquired during LL that will really cut the ice.

As I said, the momentum for .biz popularity will be about there in maybe 2 years time. These are the kind of extensions that you may want to squirrel away for your retirement fund. But only relevant business related names.

On the same note, I believe that gone are the days where you blindly collect names just because it sounds cool. I find that by focusing down onto a specific industry which is still unexploited, and spending all your resources into acquiring complete sets (themes) for that industry, your chances are much better in selling batched names to support a specific business model.

I'd like to believe that the days of a one-size-fits-all domain names are getting less effective - multipoint captures in this increasingly cluttered internet is the way of the future - both from a search engine, as well as user experience, point of view.

But I digress.
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