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Time To Consolidate. Selling Some Old Domains!


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Mar 5, 2005
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I have been narrowing down my portfolio and decided to go even slimmer and keep just what I use personally and think I may develop.

Please send offers for these via PM. Thanks.

adpromote.com/net/org (package deal, whole brand)
-.com/.net - Registered since 02/08/2004 (10+ years!)
-.org - Registered since 02/09/2004 (10+ years!)

connectionmissed.com (dating site?)

forumsindex.net (old forum index site I ran. server crashed, lost all data. may be existing traffic no proof)
-Registered since 10/02/2004 (almost 10 years old!)

gameservertalk.com (game server admin forum, no longer active)
-Registered 10/02/2002 (almost 12 years old!)

kodo.us (used to be a file upload site, mostly popular in China, ironically)
-Registered 02/08/2005

linkreach.com (i know it's my name! no desire to keep anymore though, unfortunately. used to be a web site directory)
-Registered 11/20/2004 (Almost 10 years old!)

linuxgameservers.net (dreams die hard. planned on opening a game server provider that ran only linux servers)

pharmacy-online-discount.com (never developed. great keywords)
-Registered 11/01/2004 (Almost 10 years old!)

thepicturebin.com/thepicbin.com (sold as package or separate. thepicturebin.com was an image upload site. same as the file site, everything lost in server crash. had decent traffic and had some subscription users but not much was made, mostly Chinese users)
-Both registered 04/16/2005
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