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May 4, 2002
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Anyone thinks that .us will overtake .com in certain sectors eg housing?

Overview Message - Introducing A New Way Of Doing Business
The .us domain is poised to set the standard for American websites seen worldwide. Every citizen wants to have their own .us domain name. Show the world you support America.
In an effort to answer the growing demand for an increased quantity and variety of domains on the web, Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) recently approved .us as an additional top-level domains (TLDs).

As the first Internet domain dedicated solely to the needs of Americans around the world, the launch of .us represents and important milestone in the progress and development of the Internet. The global reach of the .us registry and its essential role in defining future business success will translate directly into increased demand for domain names in this new arena!

Why choose .us?
There are a wide variety of reasons that .us may represent your best choice for new domain registrations.

Many of the most common or useful names in the .com, .net, and .org namespaces have long since been registered. A poll of active operating registrars conducted by SnapNames.com shows that 97% of user attempts to register a .com domain fail!! The availability of the new .us domain presents an opportunity for Americans to extend and enhance their presence on the web.

Restricted Access
Unlike a .com, the .us domain maintains a much sharper focus on delivering value to a specific market. The .us registry uses the latest technology to provide a more timely and secure Internet address for your business. This new domain is poised to set a new global standard for business by providing a services offering that enables commerce and communication.

Protection of Interests
Many existing domain registrations represent valid and legitimate business interests. As the launch of .us progresses, it is important for businesses to seize the opportunity provided by the registry to protect those interests. Neulevel, the .us registry operator, is offering a number of options for businesses to further enhance the protection of their interests.

Upon launch of the .us Registry, Claimants who participated in the IP Claim Service will be notified of the status of their Claims. The Registry will place an automatic 30-day hold on all domain names for which there is a match within the IP Claim database. This period is intended to provide the Claimant and the successful registrant the opportunity to contact one another and resolve conflicts regarding intellectual property rights.

Neulevel is well-positioned to bring .biz to market. The Neulevel founding partners, Neustar and Melbourne IT, are experts in networking and communications and domain name registrations respectively. With representation in the European, Asian and U.S. marketplaces, Neulevel is ready and able to provide a powerful, scalable platform that can be used by any size company to support a broad array of global business activity on the Internet.

Neulevel, the company responsible for the .us registry has publicly announced it's commitment to the promotion of the .us domain as an environment designed specifically for businesses, which creates a platform for the Internet-based solutions of the future.

The new .us domain has been designed for Americans on the Internet. Using the most advanced data formats and architecture available to provide a more stable, scalable and secure domain name service. Over time, companies with a .us address will be able to fully utilize the power of the Internet by implementing enhanced communication and commerce processes.
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