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news What is wrong with Epik shutting down KiwiFarms?


Mar 29, 2014
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Just stumbled upon Kevin's article at Domain Incite: https://domainincite.com/29367-has-epik-gone-woke


In simple terms, Epik's behavior (which has been known for supporting controversial online content and free speech) on Twitter took a strange turn, appearing to sarcastically embrace "wokeness" and kicking out a controversial user from its platform. There are suspicions that Epik's Twitter account may have been compromised.

The controversy involves the suspension of a web forum, KiwiFarms.net (this is the first time I hear about them), by Epik,. The situation escalated when Epik's Twitter account shared a censored image, claiming it violated their terms of service and may involve underage content. The owner of KiwiFarms.net denies these allegations and is considering legal action against Epik.

Also, this:
KiwiFarms.net moved to Epik in September 2022 after its previous registrar, Cloudflare, kicked it out citing an “an imminent and emergency threat to human life” believed to relate to the targeting of a transgender Twitch streamer.

This is all I could understand..

Can you explain in simple terms what is going on?

In my eyes it is 100% fine for a hosting company to stop serving a client (with reasonable notice in most cases) for underage porn.

Why people are so pissed? .. what have I missed? Tx

p.s. yes, I do know they have different stripes in their history, but still, what is wrong here? .. new management (yes/no?) and new approach to business..

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