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WTB - domains with age + seo value regardless of topic

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Apr 29, 2013
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One of my 'hobbies' shall we say is building completely private network(s) for seo and ranking purposes ...
im always looking for domain with TRUST in particular right now - which can be measured in my preferred metric - majesticseo.com's TRUST FLOW metric ... anything 25 or above im likely interested in...

PR is a very over-rated misunderstood and generally not that important a metric to me... though if domains have a pr4-6 its a good indicator perhaps under the hood is some goodness...

seomoz authority metrics are useful measures too.... basically domains with age and a history with backlinks (and ideally havent been used and abused for anything bad - pharma, chinese knockoffs, low quality crap blog nets - mine are better i swear ;) actually they are but i dont sell links or use for anyone but me which is why its different situation from last year and penguin etc

budget really varies on domain specs but for a decent - meaning a combo of above factors - im happy to run any lists of worthy possible ones you want to send to me through my toolchest (linkresearchtools.com - the best there is) and get back to you with any i'd make offer on.

but generally i like to spend 50-500$ range for these as much more as i have learned and its a bit of a gamble as sometimes not as good as looks even with best research....
i have spent up to 2700$ on such domains in rare cases - but that tends to be if domain has great history with wikipedia/harvard/imdb/engadget/wired etc links + being a solid domain and theme for possible monetization on its own down the road too.

so if you have anything of this sort please PM me and we can discuss,


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