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developed [WTS] $500 PHP/Ajax/Photobucket Facebook MMORPG!

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Jun 15, 2003
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Welcome to our PHP/Ajax/Photobucket Facebook Application MMORPG!

This is a Once-In-A-Lifetime, and if you see this, then you are the chosen one!

of this sale will receive a copy of our premium facebook application MMORPG!



Please visit the premium facebook application that our script has created here: Starworld Facebook

Fully customizable!

Add/Edit/Delete Items, Graphics, Icons As You Like With Our Built-In Sophisticated Admin Panel! So...

What's So Special About This MMORPG?

- New Multiple character selection for improved gameplay! Screen shot here!
- Photobucket API integration to upload images to your web host or at photobucket!
- Send a friend a Luxury Item as a Gift! Screenshot here!
- Supports Google Analytics!
- Full steam publish feed stories!
- Superrewards / Firecue integrated! See it live here!
- Fresh new theme with very unique graphics!
- Fast near-instant loading with PHP Ajax integration
- Admin panel build-in ready for Full total control! Screenshot here!
- Fun and creative story line!
- Import/Export Language Files! Customize it to your own language! Screenshot here!
- On mouse hover images alteration! Try it live here!
- Add for revenue based or remove for fun based ad networks on front page! (Rockyouads!)
- 600 hours of work input, 4000 system files, 1500 image graphics artwork, 59 tables in database, and total of 51mb in size! This is serious!

MMORPG Features:

- Application name customizable!
- Easily manage words and texts of the game in admin panel!
- Fully functional admin panel
- Character statistics with with their own unique icons
(Cash, Health, Stamina, Energy, Starworld, Star Power, Status, Level, Popularity Points, Skill Points, etc!)

- Multiple facebook tabs with their own unique icons
(Home, Gigs/Jobs, Showdown, Bling, Investments, Events, Agency, Profile, Walk of Fame, Forum, Help, News, etc!)

1. Home
The “Home” screen provides a short overview of the current character status and all other informative interaction such as the "Add to profile" and "Become a Fan" facebook buttons. There are also links to forum, gift page, events, and alerts.

2. Gigs/Jobs
The “Action” screen is where the actual game happens. It usually consists of task description (detailing the job requirements, and rewards) and a list of possible Actions that the character can perform in the given Zone with locked/unlocked artwork.

3. Showdown
In the “Showdown” area, players can travel around and take a smack down on other players! Multiple locations include Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Downtown LA and more! By winning battles, players can collect pieces of artwork, in which when all artwork pieces are collected, they will become a set and something amazing will happens! Players can duel each other for fame and cash too!

4. Bling
On the “Bling” screen, players can purchase special outfits, luxury items to pump up their characters!

5. Investments
This is where players can earn cash by investing in real estates, and even stocks! Just like our real world! Players can earn income and unlock new buildings by rising up the levels! But hey not so easy! There is maintenance fee! So players will decide which setup best fits them!

6. Events
Players can win party items, and when all party items are collected, an explosive party event will bombard and the you will get crazy rewards with this!

7. Agency
Get a bodyguard, ****load of cash, full health, full energy, full stamina for agency points! We have used
Superrewards for now!

8. Profile
Change your name, trade in award and prestige points, rise up your strength, energy, health, and stamina all in here. There is a detailed table full of number of jobs completed, etc. In here, once special powerful items are purchased, it will be shown in here too!

9. Walk of Fame
All players of the application will see who is the best of the best ranging from the most famous, to the most lucrative and more!

10. Forum
This is where players discuss and comment on the application.

11. Help
A notorious help page for all frequently asked questions, and directions on how to get support! We have coded a build-in editor for you too!
Screenshot here!

12. News
Update the news page and inform the players what's up! Full build-in editor as well just like the one above!

13. Admin Panel

Admin panel build-in ready for Full total control! Screenshot here! Upload images to your server or at photobucket! We have integrated the facebook application with photobucket developer API!

4 Mainstream of Incomes!
RockYou! Ads
Super R

What is
Super Rewards/Firecue?

It allow application owners to maximize their revenue by offering CPA offers in the application! Every CPA offers your users complete, the application owner will receive revenue share! Why do users want to complete CPA offers? To get special items in the application of course! Users can now refill their "Agency Points" balance by either completing CPA offers or simply refill their account with PayPal, which is a feature inside the system as well!

How will I get the item?

The complete MMORPG will be uploaded to a private download area upon legitimate payment so you can setup a facebook application just like our demo immediately! It will run on any linux webhosting with pdo_mysql and php5 support.
Application buyer will receive a personal usage license with full customization rights. You will get the full package! (Everything! Yes! All database records, items, graphics, jobs, descriptions of everything, etc!)

Summary of what you will receive:

1. Personal usage license with full customization rights!
2. Full support and FREE installation service, along with full installation instruction manual!
3. All graphics, database records, items included for an easy head start!
4. Totally unencrypted PHP source code for transparency purpose!
5. PHP/Ajax/Photobucket Facebook Application MMORPG!

Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

Take a copy
RIGHT NOW today!

$500 Paypal Checkout Here
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