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cctld Emulation.co (domain + Website W/abount 60,000 Games)


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Aug 13, 2002
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We're opened to any reasonable offer on the domain Emulation.co and the full website content.
We'll offer free hosting for 3 months to leave you all the necessary time to move it elsewhere otherwise, at the expiration of the free 90 days period, we might agree to a small monthly fee so you might keep it on our server for as long as you like.

Please, submit offers by PM or email only: domainsales (at) domainempire.com

This is a 100% live and automated game portal. No experience needed. The website has a database with over 60'000 games that can be played directly onliine.
You can make money by adding your Google AdSense or any banner code from the admin panel.

All games are made available by an external supplier which should also pay you basing on the number of views their ads 8at the start of each game) will get but you'd need thousands of daily hits to start seeing a revenue from that direction, in my opinion.
From few months, the main supplier of the games went out of business while all the original games will be forever in this portal.

You can monetize this website through your own sponsors and affiliate programs.

We're not involved in the website development field so I can say for sure you can add your sponsors at the start of all games + you've few ad spaces easily manageable from your admin panel to insert multiple banners in diff. positions but I don't have any further details.

Social Network:
Another major point about Emulation.co is that it comes with a fully integrated social network application. Meaning people can register and have their own profile page, upload their own avatar, send private messages to other users, add each other as friends, leave comments on games. Depending on if the game supports it, game pages can save player scores, can display active players, latest scores, todays scores, all time best scores etc.

>Website Features:
* Wordpress based.
* 60'000 games in the database
* All game files and pictures are hosted on the developers and/or publisher servers, this way it keeps the traffic, server load and webspace to a minimum. Of course, if preferred to host the games yourself, you can download them by click of a button onto your web server. 100% autopilot - Able to download and post games automatically. You don't need to lift a finger.
* Easy to use admin interface. Import, Download, Edit or Delete 1000s of games at the same time with a press of a button.
* Mobile Theme - Automatically detects mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and others and will switch automatically the theme to mobile friendly theme.
* Community system integrated
* Users can create account
* Users have their own profile page
* Users can upload own Avatar
* Users can send each other private messages
* Users can add each others as friends
* Users can rate each game with a 1 to 5 star system
* Users can leave a comment on each game
* Display High scores.
* Display Most Active Players
* Display Latest Scores
* Display Todays Scores
* Display All time Best Scores
* Social Bookmarking - Every single game has the Facebook "Like" button and Twitters "Tweet" button integrated, and another 300+ social bookmarking services are included
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