Developed â˜… 15 Niche AMAZON AFFILIATE STORES (incl iPod Books//com) - $50 ★

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Jul 21, 2004
Topics/subjects/niches include: Bollywood, Elvis, fishing, horror, Halloween, comics, movies, hookah, bongs, smoking, iPhone, religion, Christianity, prophecy, The Simpsons, coffee, The Godfather

  1. bolly bolly// com
  2. elvis zilla// com
  3. fishing planner// com
  4. fishing pocketguide// com
  5. fright outlet// com
  6. godfather trilogy// com
  7. high five comics// com
  8. hookah wear// com
  9. iphone retailer// net
  10. ipod books// com
  11. left behind books// com
  12. pumpkin kits// com
  13. simpsons collection// com
  14. sir coffee// com
  15. snicker doodle coffee// com
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Please note: these Amazon shops will be sold with the 30-day trial version of the AOM script (see site footers for the link), as I have only one license for all my Amazon shops. The trial version also uses SEF URLs, a shopping cart and you get 100% of commissions. After 30 days you can buy the script (only $99 for unlimited use), or change to the free Lite version (all your settings will remain intact). See the AOM site (link in footers) for the differences between the full and Lite versions and the server requirements.

Offers from $50 per site considered - BINs to be posted. This is not an auction, I have minimum prices and reserve the right not to sell if a fair offer is not made.

Posted on multiple forums, so post SOLD to claim at BIN AND please send payment forthwith (within 12 hours max), failing which, I reserve the right to sell to someone else. Site is not sold until payment received and cleared. Strictly first-come, first-served.

You can use a tool such as Domaintools or your favorite tool to see the registrar, age of the site, PR, etc. More info will be posted on request only.

Cash (i.e. no credit card or check-funded) payments to admin_AT_mesaverdeenterprises(DOT)com accepted via:
  1. Verified PayPal account [PLEASE NOTE: I'm in the US, so if it is a cross-border transaction (foreign country), please add 1% to the total price to cover PayPal's extra foreign currency fees (I will pay PayPal's normal fees)]; or
  2. Moneybookers.

  1. Free domain push at the current registrar (no out transfers - you can do so later at your cost and leisure);
  2. Website as seen, except some paid licenses (e.g AOM for Amazon stores) are not included (inquire if not sure);
  3. One week's free Linux hosting and full CPanel/FTP access so you can move the site (or I can provide reasonably priced hosting thereafter) [Please note, the responsibility to ensure your hosting is suitable and to move the site and set it up on your server is entirely yours, although I will give you instructions about the operation and setup of the site and help where necessary]
  4. Site instructions
  5. Email support

Other Terms: Perform your due diligence. Perform a WHOIS search/use your favorite domain tool for registrar, age, PR, etc. I usually check PR with my Firefox extension, so if you get a different value, don't blame me. Sold As-Is, Where-Is, No Warrantees. E&OE. I reserve the right not to sell. Full Terms here.


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Feb 6, 2008
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$600 for the bundle
Paypal Verified - GoDaddy push



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Jul 21, 2004

I'm having a quick-fire sale for one day only to raise some quick funds! So these cRaZy BINs are only valid for 24 hours. Grab 'em while you can :)

  1. bolly bolly// com - BIN: $120
  2. elvis zilla// com - BIN: $150
  3. fishing planner// com - BIN: $200
  4. fishing pocketguide// com - BIN: $150
  5. fright outlet// com - BIN: $80
  6. godfather trilogy// com - BIN: $150
  7. high five comics// com - BIN: $150
  8. hookah wear// com - BIN: $150
  9. iphone retailer// net - BIN: $120 (includes iphone retailer// com)
  10. ipod books// com - BIN: $150
  11. left behind books// com - BIN: $240
  12. pumpkin kits// com - BIN: $100
  13. simpsons collection// com - BIN: $120
  14. sir coffee// com - BIN: $120
  15. snicker doodle coffee// com - BIN: $120
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Just post SOLD to claim AND send verified PayPal/Moneybookers payment asap to admin_AT_mesaverdeenterprises(DOT)com - this is posted on multiple forums, so strictly first-come, first-served!

Sale subject to all my original posted terms.

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