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ccTLD 21 .CA Domains Fire Sale - ends 21st Nov

Visual Media

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Doing a 24-48 HOUR FIRE SALE – pick ANY of the names below for $395 each (ignore pricing below until Tuesday 21st Nov).. As many as you want. FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. Once you confirm I can setup escrow.com for your check out. Valid until Tuesday 21st Nov ONLY. After that it will be back to normal pricing as below. If you want to know how much one word .CA domains go for check out the link below. 5-6 digits

Package deal $6995 for the complete 21 names including ONE word .CAs. or individually $395 each. Message me via here if interested and to arrange escrow.com

If you do not know how much ONE word .CA domains go for, please visit the following past sales link and you will see most of them are 5-6 digits sale prices.

Forte.ca £1,750.00
Chiropractice.ca £1,400.00
SATIN.ca £1,200.00 (great for SATIN clothing ecommerce site)
COOKER.ca £1,200.00 (cooker ecommerce)
MyFlowers.ca £595.00 (flowers ecommerce)
Mineral.ca £950.00 (mineral jewelry ecommerce)
Feelings.ca £950.00 (relationship blog)
Cloth.ca £950.00 (cloth /apparel ecommerce)
Virtuoso.ca £950.00 (music/entertainment related)
Matisse.ca £950.00 (art / painting related)
Filming.ca £950.00 (filming and movie related)
Fastlane.ca £950.00 (Car / racing related / gaming)
Grooves.ca £950.00 (music / entertainment)
Suntan.ca £950.00 (sun tanning products)
Lemons.ca £950.00 (cooking / apparel ecommerce)
Financier.ca £950.00 (finance / loans)
econnect.ca £590.00 (communication / agency )
PetLovers.ca £860.00 (pets ecommerce)
eSecurities.ca £770.00 (finance / securities online)
eFutures.ca £770.00 (futures / securities)
DietFood.ca £770.00 (weight loss / diet food ecommerce)


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sorry unrelated, how do you like UNDEVELOPED for your portfolio page