50+ Excellent Domain Names. Including NYDE.com New York Domain Exchange

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Mar 20, 2008
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I am willing to sell one or all for the right price. Please make offers via this thread or PM. All sales through Escrow.com or wire transfer.

AccessibilityAssurance.com & .org


Benefiting.org - One word domain name. Could be used as a charity showing benefiting organizations of donations.



Consultemps.com - Could be a consulting headhunter or temp service.

ConsultingClassifieds.com - Consulting Classifieds.

Conyak.com - Nice and short name available to brand.

DaytimeGuide.com - Great for travel agency or guide.


E-Assistants.com & .org + eAssistants.org


eGrassroots.com - An electronic grassroots campaign

ExpressDry.com - Super domain for any express dry cleaning or other product that dries anything.

FutureMilitary.com - future military

GenericDigital.com - generic digital

GolfEngineer.com - golf engineer

iConsoles.com - iConsoles could be the next battle in gaming over the Internet.

iDigitalRepair.com & iDigitalRepairs.com

IndoorRockGym.com - Indoor Rock Gym


LawFirmConsultants.com - Law Firm Consultants

ManagementNewsletter.com - Management Newsletter


- The most beautiful in Spanish

Memoirists.com - One word domain for a memoirs website

Microvestments.com - Nice short domain name for investments, or could be to sell penny stocks like in the Wolf of Wall Street.

MilanPark.com - Milan Park

NewYorkDomainExchange.com - Incredible opportunity for domain brokers looking to brand a short and sweet name. Makes a great play on the New York Stock Exchange, also comes with three short versions.

NYUO.com - Only 676 combinations of four letter domain names that start with NY for New York.

OfficialNetworks.com - Aged domain name that could be used as a directory for official network information.


PersonalPosting.com - Another great domain name. Personal Posting perfection, start the next big site.

Pochle.com - A form of poker using symbols instead of numbers. Excellent brand potential for apps involving poker.

Practicalism.com - One word domain name.

RCBugs.com - Remote Control Bugs in the military and as toys.

Recognizers.com - Perfect brand name for any biometric or authentication verification services or software.

Redebit.com - Financial services possibilities. Nice and short. Easy to remember.

Reworn.com - Another short name perfect for designer clothing and accessory sales online.

ScottsdaleContracting.com - Scottsdale Contracting

SecretsBoutique.com - Secrets Boutique


SiliconValleyConsultants.com - Silicon Valley Consultants

SlimSoftware.com - There are plenty of apps and companies providing software that to slim the data needed of OSes and apps.

StreamingCoverage.com - The future of video and sports on the Internet is through streaming coverage.

TechnologyMessenger.com - Technology Messenger

TGIBF.com & ThankGodItsBlackFriday.com - Biggest shopping day of the year and TGIF built into one domain name.

TreeOfMoney.com - Everyone wants a tree of money.

Tzao.com - Pronounceable four letter domain name. Would be great for a club and is super short and simple to remember.

UFRX.com - Four letter domain name.

USVN.com - There are only 676 four letter domain names that start with US for United States. Nice and short and makes a great corporate domain name.
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