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auctions 85 .coms portfolio @flippa. has 13 bids! no reserve! includes

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Jun 2, 2016
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Take a look! 85 domains, all .com, all English, all brandables. Plus 2 .io!

The auction is at Flippa and is currently trading at $115 usd with 13 bids and 10 days to go (ends June 15th at 12 noon CST). Honestly a great opportunity far below registration price!

Visit the auction here:

Here is the list of domains:
  1. Adagio Energy .com
  2. Athletic Foods .com
  3. Bold Traders .com
  4. Bonk Up .com
  5. Booty Spin .com
  6. Cable Spark .com
  7. Carpet Go .com
  8. Cart Boom .com
  9. Cloud Chargers .com
  10. Cloud Compressor .com
  11. Cloud Experiments .com
  12. Cloud Forcer .com
  13. Cloud Muncher .com
  14. Cloud Opener .com
  15. Cloud Pressed .com
  16. Cloud Renters .com
  17. Clunk It .com
  18. Collaborate
  19. Crispy Trade .com
  20. Def Buy .com
  21. Ever Tags .com
  22. Fave Car .com
  23. Fly Inbox .com
  24. Glory Fresh .com
  25. Gold Ramp .com
  26. Gold Risks .com
  27. Good Pact .com
  28. Hotel Branders .com
  29. Hotel Refurbishments .com
  30. Its So Pink .com
  31. Lava Pin .com
  32. Lead Vote .com
  33. Lethal Pink .com
  34. Min Cart .com
  35. Mini Rise .com
  36. Nail Pins .com
  37. Nite All .com
  38. Offices Map .com
  39. Outside Hotel .com
  40. Pin Ahead .com
  41. Pin Champ .com
  42. Pink Rebels .com
  43. Pin Mine .com
  44. Pin Mom .com
  45. Pin Ocean .com
  46. Pin Rankings .com
  47. Run Trader .com
  48. Sundance Hill .com
  49. Sun Tablets .com
  50. Trade Carts .com
  51. Try Dad .com
  52. Try Plywood .com
  53. Vote Log .com
  54. Wanna Pin .com
  55. Wavy Shop .com
  56. Yay Nice .com
  57. Cotton Swimsuits .com
  58. Cotton Tampons .com
  59. Entrust Digital .com
  60. Every Foods .com
  61. Flappy Bid .com
  62. Has Green .com
  63. Input Energy .com
  64. Lemon Sushi .com
  65. Oven Foods .com
  66. Pay Foods .com
  67. Refill Energy .com
  68. Shiny Spark .com
  69. Spark Airlines .com
  70. Spark Automobile .com
  71. Spark Autos .com
  72. Spark Bicycle .com
  73. Spark Charger .com
  74. Spark Dealers .com
  75. Spark Download .com
  76. Spark Filters .com
  77. Spark Paper .com
  78. Toto Energy .com
  79. Rush Name .com
  80. Figure Cloud .com
  81. Needle Cloud .com
  82. Programmer Cloud .com
  83. Remail Cloud .com
  84. Spending Cloud .com
  85. Workday Cloud .com

Just added and to celebrate the 10th bid!

I've been selling about 7 of them per year, decided to experiment and try a portfolio auction!

Payment via PayPal, or FlippaEscrow. All domains at GoDaddy. Must have a GoDaddy account.

I have a lot of watchers so I am expecting lots of bids towards the last day. Honestly I would bid on this myself!

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Do not insult any other member. Be polite and do business. Thank you!

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