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Nov 1, 2006
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1) - PR2

I originally bought this domain back in June 2012 and developed it into a Pay-Per Download/File Sharing related website. I built some backlinks and got some rankings going for it but decided to pull it down because the revenue was small and the script was having issues.

I started parking the domain at Sedo in early December but the earnings weren't that great. By late December I switched it over to and earnings have increased. Here are some traffic/revenue screenshots:
Screenshot One | Screenshot Two

Price: $80


2) - Registered since 2005

I picked this domain up as a GoDaddy closeout. It was previously developed by a small restaurant and has been getting steady traffic since it was moved into my account back in November. I haven't done any promotion or backlink building with this site..All the traffic is generic coming in from previous development or type-ins.

As with the first domain, I originally had this domain parked at Sedo..but towards the end of December I also moved it to which has showed better earnings.
Screenshot One | Screenshot Two

Price: $45


3) - Registered since 2003

Just like the second domain listed - I bought this name off a GoDaddy closeout. I'm not sure if it was previously developed or not but my main reason for picking it up was because there was a large amount of end users out there for it. Lots of record companies using "Room Records" in their names. Anyways, I haven't done any promotion on this one either. Pretty much just bought it and parked it.

Just like the others, this one was also parked at Sedo and then moved over to as well..
Screenshot One | Screenshot Two

Price: $50
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