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May 22, 2002
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The following domains are up for sale, either individually or in bulk.

- Payment by PayPal only (but no eCheck or Electronic Funds Transfer)
- All domains registered at Tucows/OpenSRS, so ownership transfer (push) is hassle free.
- Please post SOLD here, AND alert me with PM (Private Message).
- Feel free to contact me via PM for bulk offers (of purchasing 2 domain names or more at once).
- Traffic not tracked, so considered it negligible, but who knows.
- Expired domains (if any) will be renewed before push/transfer, EXCEPT when Redemption kicks in and sales will be voided.

Limited time offer. All currency in U.S. dollars. Prices subject to change without prior notification unless sold. Thanks.


content village .com [SOLD]
oak ridges .com - [SOLD]
vaughan city .com - $10 [SOLD]


EDIT: Limited time offer ends. Thanks.
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