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I'm sure there are, dod, but this one was not. What's your point?


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Jun 12, 2002
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wordz, you seem to have missed the intervening post by veteran WHOIS-SEARCH re: another quality eNOM reseller. no problem.



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Aug 16, 2002
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Price is not always the only thing.

Customer support is very important.


dots, own... What you seem to be missing is that I needed a specific domain controlled by that reseller, they were unresponsive till I went to Enom, and then they acted like pirates, sitting on thousands of .US domains that they're trying to squeeze an exoribitant profit out of. AND THEY'RE NOT EVEN A U.S.-BASED COMPANY! Guys, quit shuffling your feet and wringing your hands: this is not the way to handle a domain family that's supposed to be reserved for legitimate, US-based individuals and businesses. I don't begrudge a reasonable profit; but I am working on behalf of a non-profit, I told them that up front when I made an offer, and their non-negotiable asking price was 4/5 of our entire budget. Then they had the balls to write me a threatening, abusive e-mail. You guys aren't used car salesmen: quit covering for someone who's acting like one! I don't need their domain -- I got several other appropriate domains for retail prices, all pointing to the "home base" -- but it's the principle. Americans don't want to be held hostage by foreign oil producers, and I don't think its right for a foreign-based reseller to be squatting on so many .US domains. I also think it's improper for Enom and NeuStar to point to these "requirements" but be unwilling to do anything about it when it's blatantly obvious that the reseller isn't qualified to be a .US registrant, insisting that I hire an arbitrator for $1800 to do their job for them. I'm sure there are great Enom and other resellers out there, but I'm talking about a specific reseller and a stupid, hypocritical faux-policy.


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Jun 12, 2002
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Sorry you had such a rough time with a particular reseller. Most of us have found capable folks with whom we enjoy working. As for the .us domain, however, few of us give it much concern. Hope your future experiences are better.



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Jun 22, 2002
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I will post a good one soon. When my site is finished. It should be another 2 weeks or so. Only $8.68!! :)


I guess for now, I will continue to purchase through


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Jun 7, 2002
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Although severely biased, my opinion and that of many of our customers seems to indicate that DNbuy is one of the better enom resellers. Don't take it from me. The list is long but have a listen to what some of our customers have had to say:

What our customers have to say.

Dnbuy takes pride in our customer service. The most satisfying part of our business is when we have helped someone who needs it. Here are a few of the unsolicited comments our customers have about the service they have received from Dnbuy ( It works for ebay so why not us?J).

Thank you, my first time buying from you and I am more than pleased! Im glad I came across you when doing work for a client.
I have 27 domain names i will be transferring to your service within a few weeks
thanks again


For your immediate help!
It was well appreciated.
I owe you one. Trust me.


Good Evening!

I just wanted to thank you for you service and co-operation!

Have A Great Day!


p.s. i have just pass along your business name to the president of PC Intellisystem!

Thank you for honoring my request so quickly (I have already received the names in my account) and in such a gentlemanly manner. Thank you too, for your time, input, advice, and good will…Have a great rest of your day there in your world!


Carlos Trueba
I love you guys & your service!!!!

It is the most flexible system that I have used, and I
love the fact that it is so automated...

So thanks very much for your help.

That * is going to be a very big asset to me also when
it is working....

Thanks again, and like me I guess you are always on
the job!!!

Thank you for your reassurance and your understanding…I
will accept your reaffirmation regarding the domain registration. I also
appreciate your prompt response.

Thank you once again for your assistance.

Kathleen Hamburg
Thank you very much for your professionalism and fast response once again. It was much appreciated.

Kelly Campbell
Thank you for you quick and useful response. If I find something I
want......I will be back to register with you.....

Thank you soooo much. I guess you can see I have no experience with this! You guys are great, and what FAST response time. Thanks again, Christine.
I would like to thank you so very much for all the help you have been, as well as the diligence and integrity you have shown as a fine business person. These are qualities today's world is too often lacking.
I look forward to a long relationship with your company, as well as the chance to promote business to your company through my referal to others. Having run my own businesses for the past 22 years, I know first hand that a good word from others is worth its weight in gold. People generally want to hear first hand from others that a product or service rendered is of quality. Please consider my thank you gift to you a positive and quality referal to all that inquire of me about such services. I do quite a bit of "technical coaching",as I refer to it as a sideline for many people, so I know I will have many opportunities to pass on my positive experience with you.
Thank you again, have a great day! Pamela

Thanks Again..

At least since I signed up the guys in your support department are getting overtime pay..............thanks a lot (and it's working fine now).

Guy Merritt
Thank you for such a immediate response!! I am impressed by that. Also, it is much appreciated.
I would like to give you praise in the quickness of your response to my
tech support request! I was impressed. I deal with a lot of
domain/hosting companies and you were the quickest of all.

I am very happy with your fast service, and even happier with your easy to
use domain name management. Your company offers a very good price for domain
registration. Your email forwarding, and url forwarding/framing services are

I will be registering more domain names with you in the near future, and will
recommend your business to anyone I come in contact in the market for setting
up a website.

Thanks for your excellent service!

A very satisfied customer,

Loren Gentry
thanks for your help, be sure I will talk about your company to all my friends,
HEY :) I take back my earlier comments about the delay in processing or whatever, my site came alive plenty quick. I will use you as the registrar from now on and recommend you to others. Thanks

Roy Hardman

I really like doing business with you guys, nice web site,
easy to use, good price.


Thanks for the info, that’s why I like you guys you answer your e-mails and provide a nice service. I'll be around for a while with you all!
Thanks Ed Trick
Great, thank you for your response!

I am greatly enjoying the service, and have plenty of plans for the future... Again, thank you so much for this fine service!…I'm really enjoying the experience setting this up and watching it work!… Being a public housing agency with literally NIL budget for IT, I've found it very difficult to "sell" the board on spending what it would otherwise cost to have exactly the appearance we do now. Thank you so much for offering this service at such a REASONABLE rate!… Now, my biggest trouble is deciding on a domain name for myself personally ;o)

Thank you again!

Patty Cummings
Technical Support Specialist / MIS
Kingsport Housing & Redevelopment Authority
Thanks a lot. You guys are great!

-J. Gamble
Hello there, thank you so much for your quick response to my email. That is a rare treat these days as you probably know…You guys are great and I am so glad I found you. Thank you so much for not sending me a computer generated email and talking to me in person. thank you so much, jacque skaggs.....
Thank you for all that information…I'm sorry I have taken so much of your time. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate it. I just love working on web pages. With your help I have become more encouraged with the learning process.

Sincerely, Jerry
I thank you very much for your patience in this matter, and the prompt attention you have given this matter. Also, I would like your company to know that with the situation as it has been, and the service recieved I will not hesitate to give the best of recomendations to all those I know whom are seeking a fine quality service such as yours. Thank you again, Pamela
I truly appreciate all your help. I could not have done this
without you. Thank you very much. I hope I will always get such a courteous
helpful person such as yourself to help me in the future. Again Thank you Ali.

Hello Ali... Thank you for your quick reply. You Guys are really great so far and super customer service!

Thanks again.

I hate to ask, but what is the catch? Usually, cheap registration includes other fees (forced hosting, etc.) and I don't see anything. Am I missing something or is it really only the $8.97 per domain per year?

Thanks in advance,

Dave Freese
Thank you for your prompt reply. I can now access my account.

This is the second time that I have contacted DNbuy and am *very*
impressed to have even received responses, let alone virtually
immediately. On this basis alone I shall be very happy to recommend
your company to other members of the Melbourne PC Users Group, the
world's second largest user group (or largest according to some

May you be able to continue with this level of service.


Peter H.


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Apr 8, 2002
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That's a long list...


Don't suppose you could have just put a link to your testimonials page?
Though I did find some of them amusing, congrats on the good reviews.
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