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Apr 15, 2008
Jasper, Alberta
Will start taking offers on the following domain from $50

Besides great letters, the word 'BEY' is a fairly common last name...there are over 25 MILLION search results for "BEY" on Google.

Reg. at Godaddy and expires June 2008

Post offers here please, PM offers will not be accepted unless they are also posted here. When I receive an offer that I like, I will sell it...No BIN in mind, but I I'll know it when I see it.

This is a multi forum sale.

As I am new here, some(a lot) of you may be concerned with doing business with me, For what it is worth, I am just that, NEW, not a scammer....I have +5 iTrader at digital point as buyer and seller My name there is maniac2002 if anyone wants to look....Cheers, Mark

Adding a BIN of$75 high offer just $50 right now
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