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Big Ebay Sale?

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The sale look completely fraudulent to me, every bidder is a new member with no history, as is the seller!

Bear in mind it could be someone pulling end users to ebay to transact the auction.

Nimbus.com is a very solid name, so the price looks low for end users.

Looks as though the ebay seller owned the name ( was genuinely auctioning it - http://www.nimbus.com) but ebay have decided to take the auction down for whatever reason.

Even if the seller decided to cancel the auction themselves the auction page would still show, so its definately ebay who have taken it down.

I did also notice some other strange things about the auction, all three bidders had the same "style" of usernames, each bidder username was "firstnamelastname" ie in the style of


(these names are made up examples)

Considering most ebay bidders use nic names or abbreviations of their real name it seems pretty strange that three new members would join to bid on this name and all three decided to use their real name in the exact same format. Even the names used sounded "common", ie john smith style names. All this was made even worse by the decision of the seller to change his own id before the auction.

Sure it may all be just co-incidence but I thank thats fairly unlikely.
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