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Jan 5, 2014
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Hey guys,

During NamesCon, I found a few names thru LeftFieldNames I like. Saw that they have the same mailing address as TierraNet, and figured as it was probably a dba much like WildWest and GoDaddy. Figured I'd buy the first domain directly so I could avoid the usual delays with Godaddy, Sedo, Afternic, etc.,

It would also be doing them a solid, of course, as they wouldn't have to pay any sales commissions on the transactions. Sometimes when you buy direct, you can form a relationship and work out repeat customer discounts, which is always nice.

But for about 10 days now, under domain status, it literally says

"TierraNet requested that the external registrar release this domain for transfer to your TieraNet account"

The external registrar in this case is TierraNet themselves. I've written in to them about this, but haven't gotten a logical explanation as to how they are an external registrar to themselves. Some sort of crack in the time space continuum.

I'm pretty sure I had business dealings with TierraNet many ago, and they're legit, but that's a strange message to see when you've gone directly to the holding registrar, and perhaps even the actual domain owner.

I understand locking a domain for awhile for anti-fraud purposes. I would be fine with no transfers allowed to other registrars for a month or two as long as I could assign my DNS servers, but this is not what this message addresses. The vetting statuses came earlier in the process, and I even said I could meet them at the tradeshow.

TierraNet support seems cheerful and reliable enough, but my guess is that perhaps front line support doesn't don't fully grok the technical meanings of their status messages. They don't seem to think this is odd. Maybe they're big Sci-fi or Dr Who fans. :)

Anyone here with any insight, either as a seller or buyer thru TierraNet? And as for buying more of their premium holdings, might it be more time efficient to buy them thru GoDaddy, Afternic or Sedo, where I have more of a long standing relationship?
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