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Oct 7, 2004
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What: Swift Blue Local

Swift Blue Local is a very easy to use yellow pages & local search script. Every aspect of this script is custom made for this script. Its user-interface is very easy on the eye and intuitive -- will keep your visitors coming back.

You can own a very large, nice looking, useful website that would cost you tens of thousands of dollars to develop for pennies on the dollar. Can be used to compliment an existing web property you own or as a stand-alone web property with huge potential.

  • Over 28 million unique pages
  • Each page has its own static, search engine friendly URL
  • Database, included with the sale, is a complete database of every business in the 50 United States. It's relatively new so the data isn't outdated
  • Powerful custom-built search engine that will find what your users are looking
  • Quasi-template formate meaning if you change 1 page, it will effect all 28 million pages making editing, adding advertisements, etc very easy to do
  • Google maps integration
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • Local news

Since there are over 28 million unique pages within this site, you can have 28 million pages indexed by Google. Each page has its own very search engine friendly URL along with title and meta tags that are personalized for each and every business listing to further increase SEO.

Every business listing also has a description field that will help in attracting common-language search terms.

Clean coding using CSS and no tables -- allows search engine spiders to crawl the site easier and faster.

Each business listing also has local news that utilizes RSS feeds to keep the website uptodate. This gives Google the impression that this site is regularly maintained and updated without you having to do any work.

  • Complete database of every business in the United States
  • Complete script
  • Installation (if needed)

This sale is not for master-rights. This is a single-domain use sale.

This is a multi-forum/marketplace posting and we are limiting the number of copies we will sell of this script. This script was last updated on February 20th and is the most uptodate version.

Price: $750 USD, was $925
Payment Method: PayPal (If verified buyer located in the US) / Wire / Escrow / Check
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