developed UNIQUE and SPECIAL 2 keyword domain + 11k/year revenue!

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Aug 12, 2012
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Selling a Established webhosting company with a extreme unique and rare .com ( domain. several top10 rankings at Google, top2 ranked for a HIGH traffic and high cost webhosting related keyword.
The Site have a revenue of about 11k/year and a profit of about $800/month (1 Dedicated Server customer, rest are webhosting and reseller hosting customers).

Monthly Break Down:
Monthly: $71.48 USD (8)
Quarterly: $239.34 USD (6)
Semi-Annually: $895.94 USD (11)
Annually: $6285.09 USD (79)
Biennially: $1861.68 USD (11)
Triennially: $606.60 USD (3)
Est. Annual: $11025.13 USD

Your Costs:
$40 in Licensing Costs
$150 in Server rental costs (a cloud server is currently used – with a LOT of capacity to grow left)
Outsource support costs about 50$ based on the current ticket load.

If you want, you can continue renting the Cloud server from us - and if you would like, you can resell our Cloud an Dedicated Server offerings for a special discounted price (35% off our already low pricing!) – per request I will forward you more information’s about our datacenter and server offerings.

Why we sell:
We own the domain since many years and never done any marketing or development – we simple created the website and put it online. All customers are organic google customers. All our rankings are organic Google rankings! If you invest just a bit time in SEO and marketing – the site will easy grow FAST! (see the domain – 2 perfect webhosting related keywords!)
We have a plan on our desk to develop the domain/site since over 2 years, but no time at all for this project. Several months ago we finally decided to only focus on our Enterprise (VDI, Managed cloud,..) and Infrastructure (colocation, dedicated server) business. So we sell this unique domain and existing hosting business.

What’s included with the sale:
- Full ENTERPRISE Website Design, PSD, Blogs Content, Forums, And custom scripts.
- OpenSRS Domain Reseller with a $8.24 a domain name (The lowest around)
- Discounted WHMCS reseller account (WHMCS Licenses price at $12.85!)
- Full rights to the domain name
- Full designed custom error404/account setup/account suspended pages designs
- Full created classified ads designs (to post on ebay, on craigslist,..)
- Full banner set (for banner ads)
- Unique Signup / Configuration module for WHMCS (to allow amazing signup and configuration options for your signup page)
- Support from the general manager of the companies for 1 full month for free.
- we already created a brand new updated website design – bud not codet/published yet, if buyer want – we will code that design and update the website fore FREE!

Here is how the sale will be posted

We are open for bids – but please understand we are posing a unique domain with big value – and some hosting revenue, so no bid under 25k will be accepted.

Please PM ME or reply your email address to receive the NDA

Once NDA submitted we will give you whmcs access to the host to check the clients.
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