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Dec 30, 2006
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Have you ever seen a hot new product that was literally selling like wildfire, flying off the shelves…and said to yourself: “Jeez, if only I had a little piece of that action…I’d be RICH!”

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Rosalind Gardner
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Dear Friend,

If you are interested in creating an amazing income stream every single month by simply selling high-quality, IN-DEMAND, information products on the Internet (or even old fashioned mail order) from the comfort of your own home without ever having to speak to anyone, then this may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

What If You Could Easily Earn A Few Extra Thousand Dollars a Week Selling This HOT, NEW Information Product (And You Don’t Even Have To Create It Or Write The Ads To Sell It!) You Simply Promote It
By the time you have finished reading this special report, you are going to see how simple it is for you to generate an extra $469.00 to $3,283.00 every single week, once you have this MARKETING MACHINE on auto-pilot. In just a moment, I’ll reveal how you can tap into this amazing opportunity and start profiting from it as well…All this by offering a REAL solution, to a real problem. (Aren’t you tired of all these companies trying to get you to sell “get rich on the Internet” nonsense?)

You’ll find none of that here. You’ll be selling a REAL product you can be proud of. More on that in a minute.

But first, a little about me…

My name is Collin Almeida. Not long ago I had a normal 9:00 – 5:00 job, where I was trading my hours for dollars. (Actually, I was paid on a salary, so the harder I worked, the LESS money per hour I made!) Anyway, it got to the point where I realized I was in a ‘prison’ of sorts…I didn’t have any personal freedom.

But one day while waiting for my flight in the airport, I happened to stumble across an ad that would take my life in a whole new direction… It offered me the rights to sell this proven product as my own. And I basically was able to get set up in my very own mail-order business in just a matter of days. It was scary at first (the investment was a few thousand dollars) but I decided to pony up the money, and I am glad I did, because it has paid me handsome dividends over the years.

One Simple Secret Changed My Life…

However, I didn’t start making BIG money until I discovered this one SECRET, which I will tell you more about later…

Anyway, now life is good. And I earn a huge income. But it’s not all about the money. My lifestyle has also changed dramatically from when I was working in the Educational School System.

I remember the first day I didn’t have to get up at 5:30am in the morning so I could beat traffic to be at work by 7:00am. It was incredible. (Just imagine what it will be like to finally throw away your alarm clock and have the freedom to make your own schedule!) I have really cut back on the hours I work each day. Let me tell you how my typical day goes now… Imagine What Your Perfect Day Would Look Like…
It’s Possible With The Ultimate Lifestyle Business!

Most days I wake up whenever I want to, naturally rested and excited to start the day. I will have a nice, leisurely healthy breakfast with my wife on our porch…then I work a few hours on my business. Checking orders and making deposits! A few days out of the week, I’ll take a nice drive into town to watch a movie or go shopping. But much of my time is spent enjoying my hobbies at home. I enjoy fishing, reading, traveling, and believe it or not cooking!
Finally…Live Life On Your Terms!

And the best part is, even though I really have cut back on the amount of hours I work, the income streams from my online internet marketing business keep flowing into my bank account. You might wonder how that is possible…

This Money Machine Runs On Automatic-Pilot!

It’s because I have set up my MONEY MACHINE to run on automatic pilot! It’s true. Every single day (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) orders flow into my little office that I have set up in my home. I walk a few paces to my little office and boot up the computer and check my email. Usually several orders have come in during the night. (Mostly I get orders via the Internet and the money is instantly put into my account so I can use it for anything I choose.) But every once in a while I will get some orders in my mailbox (the old fashioned way!) And there are quite a few that are faxed in to me.
Imagine having a few thousand dollars in orders before you even start your day!

This opportunity can provide that for you. In this business you can earn a great income while enjoying an awesome lifestyle. Here’s what this is all about: I have stumbled upon a rabid, hungry market that is willing to spend big money to satisfy their cravings. And that is the first key in making a FORTUNE in this business with very little effort! Unlike many of the get-rich-quick schemes that you probably get bombarded with, that promise you pie-in-the-sky dreams, everything I lay out for you here will make complete and total sense.
In fact, if you are a REAL business person, you will IMMEDIATELY recognize the incredible opportunity and money making potential here.

Okay, here’s how this works…

As I’ve told you, I’ve made a ton of money in the information marketing business. It is the most amazing lifestyle business in the world. And the money is fantastic too. In fact, in just the last three years I have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars by creating and selling specific information to large niches of people who are hungry for this knowledge.

The SECRET Revealed!

My financial life changed when I finally stumbled upon the following secret…

One day I was reading an old newsletter by a marketing genius by the name of Gary Halbert. (This was several years ago when he was still putting out high-quality information.) Anyway, he was talking about a marketing seminar that he had just finished teaching. He said that one of the questions he had asked the class was: “If you and I both owned a hamburger stand and we were in a contest to see who could sell the most hamburgers, what advantages would you most like to have on your side to help you win?” The answers varied. Some students wanted a superior meat. Others wanted fresh, sesame seed buns. Others mentioned a special, tasty, secret sauce. A few others mentioned location and someone else wanted to be able to offer the lowest price. Gary then bluntly responded… “O.K. I’ll give you every single advantage you’ve asked for. I myself only want one advantage and, if you give it to me, I will whip the pants off all of you!” “What advantage do you want?” they ask. “The ONLY advantage I want,” replied Gary, “is…

That is PURE brilliance. It is so profound that when you finally “get it” you will start making the kind of money you have always dreamed about. You see, when it comes to direct marketing, one of the most profitable things you can do is to become a student of “markets.” Groups of people who have demonstrated that they are hungry for some particular product or service. Well, over the past 18 months I have been carefully studying one particular “niche” that is not only hungry for a solution to their problem…they are starving! Not only that, but their appetite is insatiable. They CAN’T get enough. And one of the reasons for this happens to be because this particular “niche” market in a serious amount of pain, and they are buying purely on emotion…hoping that the next book, CD, or program will FINALLY solve their problem. What is this “niche” I’m talking about? It’s the SINGLES market.
More specifically, the market of single men who are trying to find the woman of their dreams. You see, at any given time (in the U.S. alone) there are an estimated 41.6 MILLION men entering the singles arena…and every single day that number will continue to grow! Think about it. Every day there are men who are coming out of long term relationships and are now searching for someone new…there are men getting divorced…men who’s partner may have died…and even more teenagers who have finally left the nest and are now entering the real world and coming of age. This starving market is not only growing, but it is growing EXPONENTIALLY. Why? One of the main reasons for this sudden “mushrooming” is because of the way we are now all connected with each other. Yes, I’m talking about the Internet. The Internet has made it easier for us communicate with one another. And unless you have been living under a rock, you are probably aware of all the “dating” services that have sprung up and are now spreading like wildfire.

As we speak, RIGHT NOW, there are more than 5.6 million single adults searching for the person of their dreams. (And that’s just on ONE of the more popular dating sites!) That number is shocking. But even more shocking is the lengths that some of these single men will go to as they try and find a SOLUTION to their problem. Some will pay up to $5,000.00 a year and more just to become a member of some of these services. Unfortunately many of them come up empty handed and experience dismal results. The fact that so many men are willing to pay these outrageous membership fees is proof that this market is in serious pain, and literally starving for a solution. All of these circumstances have combined to create an unheard of “opportunity gap” in the market place, and an opportunity for YOU to profit handsomely from it.

Why Would You Want To Sell To This Market?

Because this niche market of single men is emotionally charged, they are a rabid and HUNGRY market that is willing to spend big money to satisfy their craving. Not to mention that there is a huge market out there (42 Million +)…and they are easily reachable and identifiable. Here’s some more interesting facts…
Right now, the singles market and online dating is big business. Unless you have been living in a cave, you know how huge and profitable the online dating industry is. How huge you ask? Consider this: and Yahoo Personals are bringing in millions of dollars each month.

A recent Jupiter Research study said that more than 34 million people have visited online personals and the average user spends 13 hours a month on the sites.

· Market leader boasts 3.25 million profiles of eligible people with over 600,000 customers forking about $25 a month.

·, which operates, had $1.5 million in revenue in June 2001.According to its President Martin Clifford last month alone, the company took in $4 million, and the company has enjoyed its fourth straight profitable quarter.

· Yahoo,#2 in the online personals category, although slightly secretive about its earnings, admitted in its quarterly earnings announcement, that personals made a "very significant" contribution to revenues.

Niche sites, specializing in sexual liasons and more, attract sizable traffic in the anonymous world of the Internet.

5 biggest personals Web sites
Unique users July 2002

Yahoo! Personals

Matchmaker Sites

Selected alternative sites

Source: ComScore Media Medtrix

...Or consider these very recent stats from Overture for the month of April 2005

Searches done in April 2005
Count Search Term Dating
4347150 online dating
1508311 online dating louisville
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1180344 adult dating
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Enough said. I'm sure you get the picture.

Here's your chance to cash in on this phenomenon. All you have to do is open up your daily newspaper and see how many people are placing personal ads. In the past few years, the singles industry has exploded and now you can join in on the money chase!

Now all this is information is very interesting, but I promised to show you how to make big money with this opportunity.
Here’s how you can profit handsomely (to the tunes of
tens of thousands of dollars every single month) from this
HUGE, starving market…

I have developed an information product that truly, truly works and will show men how to get the woman of their dreams. It shows men how to have a limitless supply of beautiful women interested in dating them. It’s called “Dating Magic” and quite simply, it is the solution they’ve been searching for! And I am offering YOU the reprint rights to sell this incredible product as your own, and pocket ALL the profits! This is your chance to own the rights to sell and “cash in” on one of the greatest “dating” how-to products ever put together! This product practically sells itself! Let’s take a closer look at this fantastic money-making goldmine you are about to get your hands on…
You will get the full reprint rights to the 'Dating Magic' multi-media 2 CD-ROM product. This very comprehensive multi-media course shows men how to easily and effortlessly pick up all the women they can handle.

Imagine being able to sell this to a HUGE, STARVING MARKET! They will be flying off the shelves! (Figuratively speaking of course…since there is NOTHING to ship out! Everything is downloaded online!) Do you think there is demand for a product like that?

You bet there is and at $67… it’s a steal.

You will also get the proven sales letter (which was written by one of the nation’s top copywriters) and a killer website that is already done for you. The system is jam-packed with videos, audios and manuals. Click here to take a look at what your website looks like.

Remember once you own the reprint rights to this package there are no on-going royalties or fees! And, there is NO LIMIT to the number of copies or duplicates you can make!!!...

Simply use these proven ads and this ready-to-go website and you’re instantly in business making money!

It's as if the product were your very own -- one that you created yourself!

Impressive isn't it?

Here’s how easy it is… Prospects will read your PROVEN Website, get sucked in, and almost be FORCED to order! Okay, now you know about the product. You’ve seen the proven Website. You’ve seen how this runs almost on auto-pilot. But how much can you REALLY make? Let’s do a little math and see how much cash you can rake in! Here's a look at the potential for profits from this site:

How Much Money Can You Make Selling The Dating Magic Multi-Media System at $67.00 Per Sale?

Number sold in a day
Total amount of revenue generated each week
Total amount of revenue generated each year





That’s what I call the opportunity to earn RAPID income! When you have a superior product that practically sells itself, combined with a rabid niche market that will spend big money to satisfy it’s cravings, it’s almost like having money on demand!

Just imagine…money and orders will fill your email day-in, and day-out…whether your relaxing on the beach, or watching your kids little league game.

You’re new business is running on auto-pilot and spinning off a new income stream for you every single day…week...MONTH! No matter where you are or what you’re doing.

And here’s the amazing part! At the end of the week, if you’ve received only three measly orders a day, you will have made yourself an extra $1,407.00! (Do you realize that’s $73,365.00 over 12 months!)

And that’s just the beginning!

You can make money from these products however you'd like…for as long as you'd like…there are absolutely no strings attached, and no restrictions as to how you use these products!

But that’s just the beginning! You see, I haven’t even started to talk about the BACKEND of your business. The backend is where all the HUGE profits are. Just waiting to be harvested!

You see, when you start selling these CD’s, not only will you be making REAL money…dollars you can put in your pocket right now, but you will also be BUILDING a large, “unseen” asset as well.

Whenever someone buys your CD’s they have now become your customer.

And those names (your customer list) will soon become a large, goldmine of potential profit…

In fact, your customer list will soon become…

The Most Valuable Thing You Own!

And here’s why:

Those customers have demonstrated they are interested in this topic. They’ve shown they are willing to shell out money to buy your dating CD’s. And if you have delivered and awesome product (Which you will. These dating CD’s will blow them away!) Then they will be excited and EAGER to BUY from you again!

Now all you have to do is send you customer list a new exciting offer to buy a RELATED product, and sit back and watch the orders fly in!

you get an exact clone of my site


You pick the domain name & I'll set you up

sell the download for 67 dollars or the actual physical cd's for an additional
20 dollars plus shipping

697.00 bin 997

Bonus 10 cd's (870.00 value) fr*ee with bin

PM me with questions
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