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Apr 15, 2002
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The reason I am making an issue of this is that if we can all find an ISP who really does tolerate spam (even if located in Europe), we can then much more easily sell domains/websites via personal emails to webfirms without worry of our acct being terminated.


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Apr 19, 2002
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Real Names,
again: I nowhere said any ISP i know officially tolerates spam, if you read that between the lines then that is you,not me.
The fact that people and ISP's don't seem to care that much i believe is a cultural thing.First of all, in Europe we aren't so quick at hand with sueing everybody for everything or going to court like it seems to be common practice in the US.Then , each european country is a so much smaller country than the US so it seems the bigger the country geographically speaking is the higher possibilities are you will always find someone that would sue somebody over anything.So it seems ISP's in order to protect themselves have to be more rigid in the states than here.After all,85% of the daily spam emails i get is coming from the states, not from any european country.
So i won't make any recommendation as for an ISP tolerating spam.I couldn't guarantee it - it's just my experiences and that we normally don't have to be afraid here.
But anyway, i still don't understand why you think it's a good idea to send spam email when it comes to selling domains.Spam is just annoying - most emails i get about someone trying to sell a name to me without me having asked for that offer annoys the hell outta me; especially with that "our crapname is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity" approach.Spam steals my and everybody elses time, and most spam goes to the trashcan unread anyway, at least in my case.
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