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Feb 28, 2008
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The web address would make a fantastic acquisition for:

- any of the world's leading registries

- domain name registration services

- domain marketplaces

- domain name investors

- domain acquisition services

- domain brokers

- new gTLD services

There are so many powerful business models that this amazing brand domain can be used for.

This is an unbelievably rare category-killer domain with great potential in the right hands.

Just what would be your first impressions of a company with the web address
And then there is email. - - -

Do not even glance at .COM/.NET/.ORG/.DE/.CO.UK/.CO/.CO.ZA etc. - these were taken many years ago and are now developed websites.

For business ventures large and small, corporate image is everything. There is a reason why (ccTLD for South Africa) changed hands for $15,000. Another domain - (ccTLD for India) also sold for $15,000. The inherent "domains" brand truly shines around the globe.

Did we mention the $1,000,000 sale of Another exquisite brand that is now developed into a domain name registration service.

If you are a leading player in the industry, the acquisition of could be a be a significant, cost-effective step in terms of boosting brand appeal and customer perception.

Serious about domains? Then do not forget this date: 27th June 2013. From that date forward, will never be available again - if the new owner is smart.

Payment will take place through at buyers expense.
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