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developed Established and aged Speed Test website with revenue and traffic(Domain 14 yrs old)

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Sep 22, 2006
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I m selling AdslSpeed.com, an aged(Domain almost 14 yrs old Creation Date: 01-feb-1999) and established website that speed tests your adsl or broadband connections and lets you save results on your pc or embed them on any website or/and forum that is currently making $600 per yr.
Speed Test application is unique, made by flash. All source code will be delivered so that you can change it as you want. Speed Test shows upload and download speed along with ping and estimated time that users needs to download a movie of 900MB.

Each result can be embedded on forums, websites or blogs using the embed feature or just stored as a jpg screenshot locally. That way user can keep track of his speed tests and be able to show them on any communities he participate while website gains some more backlinks every time a speedtest embed code is copy/pasted anywhere on the web while website gets more backlinks.

Adsl Speed widget includes a backlink that owner can use for their benefit, sometimes I run special offers through it or in the past(before panda hit) I used it as a do-follow backlink for my AdslSpeed.com website.

- Website receives 4.5K+ unique visits per month(last 12 months it had 54,644 UV's)
Google Analytics: www.adslspeed.com/wp-content/uploads/analytics-traffic.png
- Adsense revenue for one yr $181
Adsense report:
- Active Text link revenue for last yr $422
Paypal report for text link payment:
- Website made with WordPress
- Google PR 3
- Facebook Page
- Twitter account
- WidgetBox.com account
- Website traffic and revenue is 100% organic, I never paid any adwords campaign or advertising banners posted on other websites.
- Website maintenance is close to zero since all you got to do is upload website files to your hosting provider, change adsense code and enjoy traffic and revenue that you receive.

Speed Test widget is already used in many websites such as:
... and more

Buyer gets:

- Aged and high quality domain AdslSpeed.com
- WordPress website along with paid theme, paid and free plugins(WordPress is using latest WP version)
- Speed Test flash application(I paid for this $1500)
- Speed Test widget.
- FB page: https://www.facebook.com/adslspeedtest
- Twitter account: https://twitter.com/adslspeed
- Widget on WidgetBox.com using a premium account(already installed 1,117 times): http://www.widgetbox.com/widget/adsl-speedtest

Terms & Conditions:
- Payment by Escrow or Paypal depending on Member
- Once payment received and Name has been transferred to your account, you will be given Cpanel user id and password. You will be responsible to transfer the site to your own Hosting and have up to one week to do so.
- You would need to understand some PHP scripts to do the transfer
- Your host must be WordPress friendly(99% of hosting companies are).

Send your offers via pm and I ll reply back to every one of you.

ps: I already made some money from this website that covered my investments since until 2010 I had more or less 1K UV's per day so adsense was doing great back then.
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