Everything must go. Nothing over $40 Some with PR ScriptHut.com and more

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Nov 15, 2004
Well, I really need to get rid of all of my domains as I am going back to being a Photographer, my true passion. I have several domains and websites that I need to sell and am bringing the prices way down so I can get rid of them all.
All domains are registered at either idotz.net, 1and1.com, or yahoo.com (just one at yahoo).
Post sold to claim.

Please PM questions as I don't want this thread turning into a discussion thread.

Check for PR at http://cleancoding.com/pr

FathersofChaos.com $15
GeekSingles.net $20
GizNiz.com $10
ModelSassy.com $10

PSPIndex.com $20
PunkArtists.com $20

VideoKills.com $15

Registrar 1and1.com

ScriptHut.com $35
15MinuteFilms.com $15
3DCamp.com $40

DiscPro.net $15
PeaceBeats.com $20

ProductPic.com $20

Zden.net $15
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