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Nov 15, 2004
Well, I am selling off all of my domains and websites to purchase camera equipment for my business. (photography..duhh.. :)....)
So, I will accept offers but not below my original asking price. This is not an auction. Simply post SOLD to claim. I will provide as much information as possible, such as PR, traffic, and registrar. Please PM questions and keep the thread clean and respectful. All payments should be made via paypal. I offer price breaks for buld purchases. If someone wants to make an offer on all the names that would be great and I'll make a special deal. Some of these domain have websites with them but are for testing..If a domain has a website that is for sale it will be marked. You get the whole website and domain with those marked. Make payment to seth @ after posting SOLD. Create account with registrar for easy free push. All names pushed within 12 hours of receipt of payment. Most sites have about a year on the reg.

I have not really advertised any of the websites., Some have a small amount of traffic. If there is any traffic worth mentioning I will post the uniques.

PLEASE PM QUESTIONS..DO NOT POST THEM HERE.. $400 PR3 website (averages 250 uniques a month) $150-->$125 PR2 website SOLD $15 $50 $50-->$40 Website (craigslist clone) $25-->$20-->15 SOLD $75-->$65-->50 $50-->$45-->35 $100-->$75-->50 PR2 website $30-->20 PR1 $15 $50-->$45-->35 website

Registrar $20-->15 $50 $30-->20 $100 Website (myspace clone) $150-->100 Website $20-->$15 $50 (great social networking site for goths..) SOLD SOLD $40-->30 $45-->40 website $30 $35-->25 $75 website (website monitoring site) $150 website (1583 games and 28 videos) $75-->65 website $15

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